Dona Al Ghamdi: First Female Boxing Champion of Saudi Arabia

As we all know that nowadays in this 21st century, women are no less than men. They participate in almost every field and show their talent and many earned their names in respective fields. There are many fields in which women are working to improve their skills, while there are still some such fields where they feel shy or they don’t get any support to work.

For a woman, family support matters a lot. If her family support her she will be able to achieve her every goal whether its related to her studies, job or other activities. Women living in Islamic countries such as Middle East countries are also becoming famous.[irp]

They have also started earning good names in every field. Now the people of the Islamic countries are also broadminded. They allow their daughters to participate in games and go out for work. Now I am going to tell u about Dona al-Ghamdi who earned her name by becoming first boxing champion of Saudi Arabia.

She represented her country in such field where most women do not feel comfortable. I think she has achieved the wonderful goal in her life. I have never heard of any Muslim girl becoming a boxer. It is her hard work and her love for her aim which made her successful in life.

In an interview with Dona, we came to know that she got into boxing in Jordan where her sister studied. She went there to meet her and there she joined a gym.  She started a gym in order to lose her weight and she lost her weight up to 75 Kgs.

She practiced boxing and it became her passion. After practicing for nine months she became professional boxer where Saudi coach Ahmad Foqaha trained her. Although it wasn’t easy for her, she got much support from her family and her coaches.

All a woman need is a confidence and trust in herself to fight in every hardship of life. She won because she knew she can do it. Dona won several international titles for Saudi Arabia. She won three black belts and four medals. She has represented her country good and gave a message to all the women.

As said by her boxing can help to reduce weight. Overweight can neither stop you to achieve your goals and nor any person can because people are open minded now rather than the past. Nowadays she is working to open a boxing trainer center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for all men women and children.

Special people will be trained for free in her boxing training center. I might say that this is a good step taken by Dona. Many people still believe that boxing is not a suitable activity for girls, but Dona proved it wrong.

Source: Al Arabiya