Top 10 Most Expensive International Schools in Saudi Arabia

A school is an institution that grooms a child. A child’s whole future is dependent on his education and his schooling. Which school to select for your child is indeed a phase that every parent has to go through! Everyone wants that their child gets the quality education.

But the economic restraint is always there. Sending a child to school is not free of cost. Every school asks for a fee. Parents first select the schools which are renowned for providing quality education and then look into the fee structure. The one whose fee is in accordance with the budget, that school is selected.[irp]

Saudi Arabia has become a great hub of international schools today. Various international schools have a branch in the Kingdom. Because of their fame and good education provision, parents are keen to go to an international school for their children.

Yet, these international schools are quite expensive. Here we are with the Top 10 Most Expensive International Schools in Saudi Arabia. So those parents who are selecting an international school for their children, this is something you shall go through.

1-The American International School Riyadh: Enjoying a great location at the Al Takhassusi Street, Olaya, The American International School has gained a lot of fame. It is considered a school providing a great education. The school which is under American curriculum offers education from KG to 12th grade. The fee charged for standard 9 to 12 per annum is 87,063. This makes the school the most expensive international school of Saudi Arabia.

2-British International School Riyadh: The British International School is so far one of the most expensive schools in Saudi Arabia. The school which is located in Riyadh at the Jabal Halit Road, near the exit 9 of the Airport. The school has its roots in Saudi Arabia since 1979.  It offers British curriculum and education form foundation to grade 13. The annual tuition fee for grade 12-13 is 83,866.

3-The British International School of Jeddah: Another British international school tops our chart. The British International School of Jeddah is located in the Mohammedia district about 4km of Tareeqh square. The school provides an IB curriculum. The annual fee for grade IB 1-2 is 76,800.

4-The Dhahran High School is the second most expensive school out there in Saudi Arabia. The school is under the jurisdiction of an American curriculum. The school lies near the American consulate in Dhahran. Founded in 1962, The Dhahran High School offers education from grade 9 to 12 and charges a fee of 78,100.

5-Saudi Arabian Multinational School: Located in Riyadh, the school offers the educational program from pre-KG to A-levels. The school teaches a British Curriculum. The school was founded in 1998 and is providing great educational facilities. The school is quite expensive as the fee charged per annum from AS and A-level students are 71,000.

6-Dhahran Baccalaureate Center: Dhahran Baccalaureate Center is another international school located near the commercial center and government center at the Al Khobar. The school is under IB curricula. The school offers educational programs from KG to 12th standard. The annual tuition fee for Grade 9-12 is 70,600.

7-Dhahran British Grammar School: The Dhahran British Grammar School is located at AL Khobar. The school enjoys fame around the Kingdom and has more than 3,300 students enrolled. The British curriculum is taught in the school. The school provides education from foundation to grade 13. The annual tuition fee charged for grade 10 to 13 is 70, 600.

8-Jeddah Prep and Grammar School: The Jeddah Prep and Grammar School is located at the Salman ibn Abdul Aziz Street of Jeddah. The school offers the program from foundation to grade 13. The school teaches a British based curriculum. The school charges an annual tuition fee of 69, 500 from its students of grade 12 and 13.

9-Advanced Learning Schools: The school is located at the Jabal Halit Road of Riyadh. The school is under an IB curriculum and offers education from kindergarten to grade 12. The school charges a fee of 60,000 per annum.

10-German International School: The German International School teaches a German-based Curriculum to its students from KG to grade 10. The school is located in Riyadh at the Nada Village. The International school charges an annual fee of 55, 850 from its grade 5 to 10th students.

Source: Expat Woman

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