Saudi man threatens to burn down women’s car – got arrested

The Royal decree to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia turned out to be the biggest breaking news. The women in Saudi Arabia celebrated the uplift of the ban. The country had imposed a driving ban on the females in Saudi Arabia a long time ago.

After the uplift of the ban, people came up with different views. While some celebrated the news, some heavily criticized it. But then this man showed up, who shocked everyone. He filmed a video of himself in which he depicted anger on the end of driving ban.[irp]

The young man threatened women from driving on the roads of Saudi Arabia. In this video, he said that he swears upon the words of God that if he sees any vehicle broken down in the middle of the road which is driven by a woman, he will for sure set it on fire and burn it!

The threatening video became viral on social media. People could not believe what they heard: how can someone go to such level of extremism? Why does he have so much hate for female drivers? The people on social media were disguised by the man.

Some called for immediate action to be taken against him. Some said that we shall not take such people lightly, these threats are creating an uncomfortable environment for a woman. Women would have fears while driving. Some pointed out the bad in our society.

They said that our society had raised such people as the society has always looked upon man. They cannot bear a female controlling a machine (vehicle)! Some advised him to start respecting a woman. They asked men to respect their mothers and sisters. Some just cursed him and lashed at him.

Whatsoever be the reaction of the people, the video is disturbing. No one should be openly threatening anyone. Cars can break down in the middle of the road by males also. This is no crime! And if it was, in case, no one can take such serious action upon it. We have authorities to handle “crimes”!

So the authorities took notice of the video and according to the Kingdom's public prosecution office, orders have been passed for the arrest of the man. The man’s identity has not been revealed yet. The authorities claimed that no one shall be allowed to threaten people and pose a threat to the security of the Kingdom.

We have legal systems that do not allow such behavior and actions. Head of Saudi Arabian Human right council, Khaled Fakhri, assured that no one is allowed to go against the law. The law now allows women to drive and no one can go against it.

If anyone takes a step against the ban, they must face legal punishments. Such a cyber crime can cost the anonymous man 3 years long imprisonment and a fine as high as SR 3 million.

Source: Okaz

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