Top 8 Festivals in the Kingdom you don’t want to Miss

Although there are festivals happening throughout the year, a major chunk of them occurs during the summer months. The summer months are the time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sees one of the biggest increases in domestic tourism. Here are a few festivals in the Kingdom that you should know about;

1-The King Abdul Aziz Award for Camels Beauty Contest: This one of a kind festival is an embodiment of the past heritage and traditions which were carried about by the ancient inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Those camels that are competing in this contest can be from any one of the five breeds. The breeds are Sufur, Shuol, Homr, Majaheem or Maghateer. This competition is held in the village of Umm Ruqaiba. Recommended: The Camel Beauty Festival in Saudi Arabia

2-Souq Okaz: The Souq Okaz had initially been a half month long market which happened every year, around 1400 years ago. The Souq Okaz had been an essential hub for the novel ideas and trade back in those times and also attracted traders from the Middle Eastern region. The Souq has been revived once again and happens to date. Recommended: Souq Okaz peeps into Pre-Islamic Saudi Arabia

3-The Al Janadriyah festival: The most famous festival in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the fame of Al Janadriyah has even surpassed the national borders. The rich culture and History of Arabia is showcased and highlighted in this festival. It consists of a grand opening ceremony and also camel races to different pavilions from participants from various countries.

4-The East Coast Festival: The East Coast Festival outlines the naval and sea heritage of the native inhabitants of Arabia. This event is held at the King Abdullah Environmental Park. The main focus of this festival is the ancient trade of pearls as well as the fishing industry which the inhabitants of coastal regions in the Kingdom are dependent upon.

5-Al Hareed Festival: The Hareed is known in the English Language as a parrotfish. The parrotfish is found in abundance in the Red Sea and is also considered to be a delicacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the months of April and May every year, these parrotfish make their way to shallow waters and the local fishermen invade the waters at a single time in order to catch the fish.

6-The Rose Festival: The highlight of the entire rose festival is the enormous carpet of flowers that is constructed from 100,000 flowers. The rose festival is held every year in the beautiful city of Taif. The festival attracts a crowd from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

7-Kuna Kida: The Kuna Kida festival is one of the most popular festivals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which takes place in the old parts of Jeddah, specifically Al Balad. The festival highlights the rich cultural heritage of the region of Hejaz. This festival gives visitors a taste of the life in the old ages of this trading city.

08-Unayzah Cultural Festival: Every year a huge cultural festival is held in Unayzah in the name of Unayzah cultural festival which aimed the preserving and saving of our environment. The visitors are excited to see the folk art held at the festival of Unayzah.

09-Jeddah Ghair: The Jeddah Ghair commonly referred to as the Jeddah Summer Festival, it symbolizes the vibrant atmosphere of Jeddah.

Source: Destination KSA

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