The story behind the first driving license issued to a Saudi woman 66 years ago

As all of us know that the women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia now. This was a news that broke in as a victory for Saudi women. But the news also made us think that when did women last drive in Saudi Arabia? Did ever a woman hold a driving license in Saudi Arabia?[irp]

So we had a little hunch into it: we were amazed to know that the last license issued by Saudi authorities to a woman dates back to 66 years from now. The license was issued on the orders of a court. A judge granted a woman to hold a driving license.

The story narrated by Abdulkarim al-Hawqil, a Historian, is that 66 years ago, there was a blind man. He had two daughters and a car. As the man was blind and could not drive, he would ask his daughter to drive the car.

This was quite comfortable for them as the daughter would take his blind father with her in their car and would manage household stuff with ease. But then there were these Saudi men who could not bear this, a woman driving a car! The men selling goods at local markets would see a woman driving a car, having control of the steering and would get disgusted!

So they took the three, the blind man and his two daughters to the judge and put forward the case. The case was heard by the judge Sheikh Ali bin Suleiman al-Roumi. The blind man told that he could not drive the car and has allowed his daughter to do so.

His daughter driving the car puts us at ease with everyday chores. Understanding the circumstances, the Judge granted the daughter with a driving license. So this is how 66 years from now a female was able to hold a driving license.

Well, we owe the sellers at the local market for the license though! If they haven’t taken the family to the court, the woman might have been driving without a license!

Source: Al Arabiya