Marriage with an Intention to divorce after a while is Haram – Grand Mufti

Marriage is a beautiful bond, where a man and a woman decide to live with each other and with each other forever. The bond of marriage is however unique, unlike other relations (the ones you have with your parents, relatives, and siblings) it is breakable.[irp]

If a couple is not comfortable with the marriage they can choose separate paths by means of divorce.  However, if one is having an intention of marrying someone for some particular time period, such a marriage is not allowed in Islam. Many Muslims are unaware of the very fact.

There are cases where either man or the woman (or both) had the intention of holding a divorce after a certain time period. Such a marriage is neither allowed by Islam nor is acceptable. Recently, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Ashaikh spoke on the matter.

He had to speak out on the very topic as this trend is settling. Muslim men who go to other countries under scholarship programs get married to a woman mainly for sexual pleasure with the intention to divorce her shortly before their studies are completed. This is certainly wrong.

If you call for basic ethics, young men, you are cheating upon the lady! Does Islam allow us to cheat?  How would you justify yourselves? This is a fraud. Marriage is a commitment of lifetime not for some time.

Divorce is an action condemned by Islam, how can you have any intention of divorcing while getting married. People need to realize these facts. He warned the scholarship students that such a marriage is truly Haram and they shall not plan having held such marriages.

If any marriage is decided upon a number of days, months or even years, it is un-Islamic. While marrying, your intention should be of holding the bond forever! Al Ashaikh further said that such a marriage is haram as it is a Mutaa pleasure marriage. He added that all scholars have agreed upon it that such a marriage is un-Islamic, haram and unacceptable.

Men need to understand this fact, cheating and fraud are not acceptable in Islam at any cost. How can you cheat a woman over such a matter? Who are you to play with life and emotions of others? If you still think there is no harm in such a marriage, then here is a question that Mufti has put forward for you.

Can you arrange a marriage of your daughter or sister with a man whom you know will divorce her later? Certainly not! Then who are you to cheat with daughter or sister someone? Keep your faith strong and keep yourselves away from un-Islamic activities. May Allah guide us all!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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