GOSI will pay SR 3,500 per month to every injured employee

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) has taken a decision of taking care of expat workers who suffer from work injuries. In a statement that was made official on Sunday, GOSI ensured that, from now, it will bear for the living expenses of an expat worker who gets injured during the work.[irp]

Further details claimed that if any worker gets injured during work and requires the help of others for continuing his daily life works and affairs, in such a case the GOSI shall pay 50% of his GOSI Compensation proceeds with a maximum ceiling of SR 3,500 per month.

In an earlier post, we have already covered the benefits of GOSI to Expatriate and Saudi Employees. The GOSI also made it clear that if a worker holds reservations regarding the initial medical report issued, the worker will be required to bear all the expenses on his own.

As soon as the medical report objection is accepted, the GOSI shall compensate the worker. Briefing about the severe injury that caused permanent disability, GOSI claimed that it shall take care of the travel expenses to back to home country. As a disabled worker cannot provide his services any longer, he shall return to his country.

GOSI will make sure that all travel expenses are borne. It claimed that they (GOSI) shall pay the entire GOSI compensation to the disabled worker before he leaves for his country. A worker will have considered having been a victim of a work injury if he got injured in a traffic accident while he was coming from home to work, leaving from the workplace for home, on way for food and on way to mosque for a pray.

In all such cases, if a worker becomes a victim of a traffic accident, for instance, he gets hit by a car, he will be considered injured during work and GOSI shall bear his expenses.  Also if a worker dies because of work injuries, his dead body would be sent to his home-country at GOSI’s expenses.

Stating some official figures, GOSI briefed that during 1st nine months of the year 2016, 38767 workers registered to have been suffered from work injuries. These workers included both expats and Saudi nationals.

During the same time span, 375 workers died. During past two years, 10,502 workers have reported work injuries and had undergone medical treatment. Among them, 920 recovered from injuries while 128 couldn’t and died.

Source: Saudi Gazette