What is the reality behind the video of blood near Hajr-e-Aswad in Holy Kaaba?

A video of Holy Kaaba, the holiest place for the Muslims around the world, was circulating on social media recently. Muslims in affiliation with the Holy Kaaba do post videos of it on social media, but the video that was being circulated these days was a strange one. The video showed that there was blood splattered near the Holy Kaaba.

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Tragic incidents do occur near Holy Kaaba especially during peak days like Hajj and Ramadan. The Saudi authorities are trying their best to reduce these incidents, and they have somewhat managed to reduce them. However, this was not what people were talking about. They were shocked that neither media nor authorities had briefed on the matter.

People were questioning the silence of authorities. They were curious that if a major incident had occurred why authorities ought to remain silent. Were the authorities hiding something? If yes, then why? Why did not media intervene? People asked for the inquiry and asked authorities to disclose what had really happened.

So the authorities spoke and spoke for good. The Special Forces for the security of the Grand Mosque in Makkah denied all the news. They told the people that no major incident had occurred near Hajr-e-Aswad in the Holy Kaaba. They assured that the video being revolved in social media is not a new one.

Someone got their hands on an old video, in which the floor in front of Holy Kaaba is stained with blood, and circulated it on social media with the news that it’s a new and recent one. We have attached the video below for your reference.

Sameh Al Selmi who is the spokesperson for the Special Forces denied all the accusations and said that the video is not a new one. He further briefed that this video is related to a tragic incident that took place in past. In the incident, a pilgrim started bleeding while circumambulating the Kaaba. We have attached the video at the end of the article.

The poor man, who was in his 50’s, started vomiting with blood and the blood was flowing from his nose. He was given first aid at the very moment and then he was taken to the Ajyad Hospital, which was at that time the nearest hospital. Well, as the incident was an old one, the authorities and media did not talk about it. But what was this: A way to defame our authorities?

Why do people spread rumors? I urge people out there to only spread that information on social media which is true and authentic. Spreading wrong information is against social norms as it causes trouble and difficulties for others.

Also, this is the time we appreciate our Saudi authorities for managing things so well. The way the manage pilgrims around the year is exceptionally unbelievable. So people, try to appreciate their work rather than spreading rumors about them.

Source: Gulf News

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    It’s Called Ajyad Hospital*

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