Saudi Families, Uber and Careem to hire Female Drivers in Saudi Arabia

Finally, women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, they can now drive on the roads of Saudi Arabia. King Salman’s decree won’t only welcome social reforms but would also call for economic transformation. These reforms will take time, but they will eventually occur and they will occur for good.[irp]

The biggest reform that we will be observing is the opening up of job avenues for female drivers in Saudi Arabia. Our transport system will be experiencing improvement shortly. Following the uplift of the driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia, businesses, Saudi families and car rental and hailing companies want to hire female drivers.

However, this can only happen if the government allows houses, businesses and recruitment agencies to hire female expat drivers. He said that the government is to release a regulation regarding the matter, which might take few months. So people are having their eyes on the new regulation and are hopeful.

However, if we look at the uplift of the ban only, this step alone will bring major changes. Currently, we have 1.3 million expat drivers hired in Saudi Arabia. With women driving cars by themselves and being independent of a driver, the demand and need for these drivers will go down. It is expected that Saudi families will save SR 20.6 billion a year by terminating many of these drivers.

Abdullah Elias, who is the co-founder and chief executive Careem (online car booking application), says that the uplift of the ban would allow his business to expand and flourish, He further added that international car booking applications and car renting companies will not suffer from such a decision.

People do believe that this new law would not be economically viable for such businesses, yet they are unaware that such a step has opened up new avenues and business opportunities. Disclosing his next major goal, he said that Careem is working on hiring about 100,000 female drivers. This strategy will help Careem to reap the major yet emerging marketing segment of Saudi Arabia.

Hussain Zulkarnain who is not only a renowned Islamic scholar but also a great social worker also talked upon the matter. He is of view that the most positive outcome of the new law is that female driver can now be hired by households who can provide pick and drop services from schools, universities and even workplace for girls.

Also now families can hire female workers who can drive as well and give them a helping hand at house chores. This way they won’t be requiring multiple workers. Instead, a single maid would provide them with multiple services. He recommended that families shall hire female drivers from labor exporting companies.
Nora Al-Hamdan who is a Saudi businesswoman is optimistic that this step would be enabling a female-friendly environment in Saudi Arabia. She also said that more improvements are yet to occur, but every single day that passes by is an improved one!

According to Alam Razak, who is an agent ay the Arafat Recruitment located in Jeddah, this step would provide transport ease for women and children and it would also help us to improve our public transport.

Source: Arab News

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