How did I find Saudi Arabia as a working female expatriate? – an Italian Expat

An Italian expat who has stayed in Saudi Arabia for three years now has spoken about her experience in Saudi Arabia. Elisabetta Martini, who is the first female Italian council general, says that while moving to Saudi Arabia, she knew that this step that required changing a lot many things.

The people have in mind that Saudi Arabia is a conservative society and thereby Martini believed that settling here and having a personal and interactional life would be a great challenge. Yet things went well and she was happy for her stay here. She also told that she knew that things in Saudi Arabia will change, but they will change rapidly is something she wasn’t expecting.[irp]

With vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is able to change its image among the Western world. Life of a female in Saudi Arabia is a bit different. For Martini, she did face a conservative group of people that would show hesitation in holding a conversation with a lady, but they eventually managed as they knew that she was representing a government.

Saudi Arabia is a country of youngsters. It’s 60% of the population comprises of youngsters. While she was in Saudi Arabia, she met three kinds of young people.

1-There are these youngsters who are well organized and want to create western like organizations in Saudi Arabia. These are the youngsters who want to create an environment that is suitable for them.

2-Then there are Saudi youngsters who want to do something but need guidance.

3-The third ones are the ones looking for an opportunity.

The young Saudis are patriotic and want to change the current educational system. Most of the young Saudis are graduates from abroad who wish to lead a life in Saudi Arabia. These youngsters hold strong pride for their nation.

Previously when Saudis would go abroad, they did like to stay there. Yet now Saudis are keen to return to their homelands. It is delightful to see that youngsters hold significant representation at major government and private entities. These youngsters are working hard and are contributing wisely.

These youngsters are well aware of the fact that time and money is not to be wasted and thereby are saving money and utilizing time at its best. This is something that needs appreciation! Saudi women efforts and struggle need reorganization. These young and patriotic females have proven the society wrong.

They are now undertaking jobs with pride. They are being appointed at great posts such as managers, chief executives, lectures, and head of the branch. The appointment of a female as head of Saudi stock exchange is no less than a victory!

The women and their fathers have had a great struggle and now it’s time when they have come out with victories! She also disclosed that when Italian expats visit Saudi Arabia, they amazed at the culture of the country and country itself. She says that Italian expats return home with great experience and they are fascinated to experience a life in Saudi Arabia!

Source: Arab News

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