Amal Baatia: The first Saudi female CrossFit coach

Amal Baatia is a strong and passionate lady. She is enjoying the status of being the first female CrossFit coach of Saudi Arabia. In a society like Saudi Arabia, where women do not readily participate in sports, learning sports and then practicing it is something unique! She is proud of what she is and what she has gained.

She is happy to make a difference; she has been able to break down the typical image of a Saudi woman. Being the first Saudi calisthenics and CrossFit female coach is a dream come true for Amal Baatia. She urges females to enter the field of sports. She gets delighted when she sees women entering fitness activities.[irp]

This is something new to see in Saudi Arabia as fitness and sports were labeled as men oriented activities. She says she is pleased when she sees her friends being concerned about their health and diet. Her task as a coach is difficult. She has to reach for women.

She has to convince them towards the sports and she uses the medium of social media as well. She posts short videos of CrossFit workouts that would encourage women.  Amal runs an Instagram account. She has great female fan following who appreciate her efforts. They post kind words and show support for her. Amal believes herself to be an “Under Armour Ambassador”

She says that girls who have developed an interest in CrossFit have contacted her. She says she had gone through a long journey. She was only ten years old when she discovered her love for sports and thereby joined a gymnastics team at her school. She has engaged herself in sports since then.

It was quite difficult for her as per social stigmas and norms, but she remained firm and broke them away to live a life that she has dreamt for. She is happy to live her dream, but indeed it was her efforts that paved way.  She had to rely on online training because of lack of trainers in Saudi Arabia.

She had to travel to the US and Dubai for the very purpose. She visited these countries for months to gain professional insight. The lack of CrossFit trainers in Saudi Arabia seemed an obstacle in her way, yet she was motivated to learn and practice sports and nothing could stop her.

First Amal was appointed as an investment manager. She continued sports along with it, but when she realized that sports required longer hours and great determination, she eventually abandons her job. The Saudi pride has some amazing achievement as well. She came third in a five-kilometer long, hurdles race that took place in Kuwait.

She also enjoys the second position at a 12-kilometre race that was organized at King Abdullah City. And to break the greatest news, Amal is a mother of two sons named Yusuf and Malek. Yes, she continued her passion even with marriage and kids. Amal, you are a true inspiration. 

Source: Gulf News


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