Muslim women in Tunisia are allowed to marry Non-Muslim Men

According to Islamic law, Muslim men can marry women who are non-Muslim. The only condition is that the women shall be belonging to a religion on whom Allah has revealed a book i.e. she should be either Christian or Jew. However Muslim females cannot marry non-Muslim men even if the man belongs to these religions.

The Islamic law has been recognized by many Islamic states or states with a Muslim majority. Since 1973, most of the Muslim majority countries passed a law that prohibited Muslim females from marrying non-Muslim men. [irp]

So if a Muslim female and a non-Muslim male want to get married and start a marital life, the male counterpart has to first enter the religion of Islam and confirm it through holding a certificate of conversion to Islam. Only then Mufti and Islamic scholars will allow the marriage to take place.

Tunisia is a North African Arab nation is a country that has now moved towards gaining gender equality. Movements for women rights in Tunisia have been successfully taking place over recent months. The movements are aimed at providing women with equal rights per men.

During July 2017 the Tunisia’s Parliament passed a bill that is committed to ending up all sorts of violence against women. Human Rights Watch not only appreciated the efforts but also claimed it to be an important step for rights of women.

The laws that will come into effect since 2018, will be imposing heavy penalties and harsher punishment over those who violate rights of women. The penalties and punishment for crimes such as violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women shall be increased.

This is something we all would welcome, but the region has taken a step towards women right which is quietly debatable. The Tunisia has allowed Muslim females to marry non-Muslim males. The country is celebrating a victory for abolishing the law of 1973 that prohibited Muslim females from marrying Non-Muslims.

So now Tunisian Muslim women can marry a non-Muslim who does not has to convert to Islam. The movement of gender equality claims that if Muslim men can marry non-Muslim females so why not Muslim women can marry a Non-Muslim man?

The women rights activist say that previous laws prohibit women from choosing a spouse of their choice. The movement for abolishing the law was endorsed by the President of Tunisia, Beji Caed Essibsi, who is a women rights activist. 

Essibsi called upon the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice to look into the matter of reforming laws that do not allow women to enjoy their rights. He asked them to cater for article No 73. The article did not allow Muslim females to marry non-Muslim males.

He also appointed a female lawyer and some rights activists to present a draft in the parliament for amending the law. The state and human rights activists are celebrating the reformed law as a victory yet it is heavily criticized by the Muslim around the world.

I am personally against this move, Islam doesn’t allow Muslim women to marry Non-Muslim men, it is the law of Allah. How can anyone interfere in it? Even if the marriage is registered under Tunisian law, it would not be registered in the books of Allah. The woman will spend her entire life doing Zina with her so-called husband.

Tunisia is now motivated to amend the inheritance law. According to Islamic rule, a girl has a half share in inheritance compared to her brothers. The state finds this law as a right violation and is keen to amend it as well.

Source: BBC

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