The UK halts Myanmar Army Training, European Union stops weapon deals with Burma

The ethnic cleansing in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims has led the international community to take action. Now the Britain has shown deep concerns for the ongoing Myanmar issues and as an act of condemning has halted the educational training courses it was providing to the Myanmar military.

These training programs shall remain suspended until the crisis reach an acceptable resolution. This statement came all the way from London on Tuesday. Rohingya Muslims are in a minority, they are living there for generations, yet they are not claimed as the citizens of the state.[irp]

These issues were there since time now, yet the violence arose to the heights of human rights violation when the Rohingya Muslims militants staged an attack on the police post on 25th of August. The attack caused a lot of deaths and as a result, the army fought back.

The army, however, has started ethnic cleansing of the Muslims there and significant numbers of Muslims have been killed while about 420,000 have sought shelter in Bangladesh. The world saw how brutally the Muslim men and women were killed, children were slaughtered and their villages were completely set on fire.

Showing concerns about human rights violation in Rohingya, British Prime Minister Theresa May demanded an immediate end of military action against the Rohingya people. Speaking to the UK’s Sky News in New York, she added that British have suspended its defense training towards Burmese until the issue is resolved.

Thereby ministry of defense shall not conduct any training program for Burmese militants until the Rohingya crisis ends decently. The spokesperson of the government of Britain further briefed that educational training program conducted by British for the Myanmar militants has been halted.

The Myanmar militants are involved in human rights abuses and violations. The ongoing crises are not acceptable and we have great concerns for it. The Burmese can enjoy the Military programs as soon as they reach to an acceptable solution to the problems in the Rakhine state.

He further demanded the Burmese armed forces take rational steps to end the current violence. He said that it is a time when the Burmese forces protect their civilians. The rights of civilians shall be protected. The victimized citizens shall be provided with complete humanitarian aid and the abuse against them shall end immediately.

The divide prevalent there among the minority Muslims and the majority Buddhists shall be catered and issues among the two ethnic groups shall be solved. Mark Field who is a Junior Foreign Minister of Britain revealed that the UK has been providing vocational courses to the Burmese militant groups.

These extensive courses aimed at enhancing language skills under language training programs taught them about governance, accountability, human rights, international laws, and ethics. Addressing the parliament, Field added that these militants were being exposed to work in a democracy.

They were being taught to operate as modern militants who ought to provide services under a democratic framework. He readily assured that Britain has not provided any sort of combat training to these militants under the training program. He addressed the parliament on 5th September 2017.

The European Union has set up a ban on the trade of arms with Myanmar. Field disclosed that Britain has and will support firmly the EU’s weapons embargo with Myanmar.

Source: Arab News

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