A Qatari arrested and tortured for reciting poetry to praise Saudi Arabia

Saudi-Qatar crisis is something that has been in news recently. Despite the entire crisis between the two nations, Saudi Arabia welcomed Qatari pilgrims to perform Hajj. These pilgrims were facilitated equally like any other pilgrims. Saudi Arabian authorities showered hospitality towards all pilgrims including Qataris.

Saudi Arabian authorities received 1340 Hajj pilgrims from Qatar this year through Al Salwa border. The authorities of Saudi Arabia did not discriminate against the Qatari pilgrims even though both the countries are going through political and economic boycott.[irp]

Breek Bin Hadi al-Marri, who is a Qatari national and Qatar’s renowned poet also came to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year. He was delighted by the efforts of Saudi Arabian authorities. In an interview, which he gave in Saudi Arabia while he was here for performing his Hajj, he appreciated the efforts of authorities.

He declared that authorities had been able to successfully manage Hajj this year. He also told the media that Saudi Arabia has not politicized the Hajj and thereby each Qatari pilgrim was welcomed with generosity. The Saudi authorities had been supportive and took care of Qatari pilgrims.

The poet thanked the Saudi authorities and people of Saudi Arabia for their positive behavior and generosity against Qatari Pilgrims. Thanking someone for their kind behavior is not a big deal, rather it reflects positive behavior. Yet this is something that has been made a big issue by Qatari authorities.

Poor al-Marri never knew that his words would cause huge problems for him. As soon as he reached Qatar after performing his Hajj, he was arrested by the Qatari authorities. His crime was praising the Saudi authorities and the government for their generosity.

This is such a severe crime that the poet was held in incommunicado. He was not allowed to directly communicate with any of his relatives nor even his lawyer! People on social media are of the view that his only crime was the interview he gave in which he praised Saudi government and those two verses of poetry that he posted on his twitter. In this two-versed poetry, he praised Saudi Arabia.

The Qatari authorities also issued a video where the poet was being physically beaten up. The video which was meant to show that Saudi authorities were physically abusing the Qatari pilgrim in the desert has been proven to be a staged one.

The poet was not being beaten up by the Saudi authorities yet it has been proven that he was beaten up by Qatar’s interior ministry employees. What a shameful act by Qatar! The poet’s brother has confirmed the news that Al-Marri was arrested after his return from Saudi Arabia by the Doha interior ministry.

Saudi Arabia has condemned the act of Qatari authorities against the poet. The Saudi Arabia’s National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) has made a statement in which it has condemned the human rights violation of the Qatari citizen.

NSHR has stated that men beating up Al-Marri are not Saudis and has provided verification that those men are Qataris. Also many human rights centers and activist is gulf region have condemned the act of violation against Al-Marri.

Source: Al Arabiya

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