4 Expats given 6 months Jail followed by deportation for selling fake products

Fake products are harmful. These products are not made hygienically nor have properties that they claim to have. Also, the buyers pay the price that is equivalent to the price of the original product yet do not enjoy those properties. It is the duty of the state to ensure that no fake products are being sold in the market as it would not only harm the original company but also the buyers would either face problems or go through the bad experience.

Saudi Arabia is a state where our Ministries and concerned authorities are quite active. They ensure that genuine products are being sold in the market and no fraud is taking place. Recently, The Ministry of Commerce and Investment were able to get their hands at 4 workers who were selling fake detergents to the hospitals.

These workers have been sentenced 6 months of imprisonment followed by deportation. The Ministry of Commerce and Investment ensured that these workers won’t be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia again. The detergents have been seized by the Ministry and shall be wasted and destroyed in the most suitable way.

These detergents did not have any effect on bacteria, they are useless. They said that these are necessary steps taken to discourage selling of fake products. Briefing on the matter, the Ministry claimed that they conducted a raid at a store in Riyadh which is located in the Sulay district.

The raid was conducted jointly by inspection teams of Ministry of Commerce and Investment and the Ministry of Health. The teams saw that these workers were pouring chemicals into containers and then sticking labels on to the containers. When the detergent was examined, it was not genuine.

It was tested and showed no effect on bacteria. The sad news is that these fake detergents were being sold in the name of being original to hospitals for combating bacterial spread. What a shame!

The Ministry ensured that successive raids would be held and consumers would not be facing any fraud. The ministry will ensure that all products being sold are original.  People have praised the act of ministry however some have pointed out that a crackdown against masterminds shall be conducted as those behind this business can hire new workers!

Source: Arab News

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