What does the White Crescent in your Nail mean?

We all might have, at some point in our lives, seen a whitish colored semi-circle or crescent located at the beginning of your nails. Though most people would usually think nothing of it. With the advancements in the field of medicine and alternative medicine, it has been discovered that these white semi circles might actually mean something and is not just a random occurrence that occurs to some and does not occur to some. If you want to know what it actually means read on below, I am sure you did not know this before reading this here;[irp]

The white colored crescent shaped area located right in the bed of your fingernails is actually an extremely sensitive and important part of the nail, and everybody should be extremely cautious about not damaging it under any circumstances.

The white colored crescent is actually called the lunula, which is Latin for the small moon and is an extremely sensitive part of the nails. The lunula is literally the part of the nail root that is visible and should not be damaged in any way due to the fact that any sort of damage to the lunula can cause your entire nail to become permanently deformed.

In alternative medicine, it is strongly believed that the lunula can, in fact, reveal some extremely vital information about the general health of the individual. For instance, the traditional Chinese medicine has a belief that a lack of lunula is usually indicating malnutrition and anemia; where as a bluish or pale lunula most probably indicates diabetes.

If the lunula of any individual has any sort of red blemishes or smudges on it, they may be suffering from some sort of cardiovascular disease. A lack of a lunula in the nails of an individual or having a very small lunula is usually indicating a problem of indigestion in the individual which can also occur due to having a slow metabolism and/or overload of toxin in the body.

Well, who would have thought that such a small patch or occurrence in our human body can indicate so much about an individual’s health? Truly alternative medicine never ceases to truly amaze and inspire me. If anybody is now noticing some oddities in their lunula which is linked to any health condition, there’s no need to be tense, but it’s advisable to have yourself checked. Better be safe than sorry.

If anybody damages the rest of the nail, which causes it to fall off or is required to be removed surgically, the lunula will be intact in the same place it is on your finger. The lunula is not actually white in color, but it looks white when it is seen through our nails.

The lunula is mostly visible on the thumb, and it is not necessary that every single person’s lunula will be visible. In some of the cases, the eponychium, which is the thick layer of skin which surrounds the toenails and fingernails, may be completely or partially covering the lunula.

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