10 Health Benefits of Eating Dried Apricots Daily (Especially for Women)

Dried apricots are made by evaporating the water content from fresh apricots without damaging or using any of the nutrients found in the fruit. Dried apricots have several health benefits which can be seen below;

1-Anemia: Dried apricots are an excellent source of Iron that is extremely useful when fighting anemia. Dried apricots also contain copper which absorbs the iron. One should include dried apricots in the daily diet as it helps in the production of hemoglobin which is useful for those women who experience heavy flow during their periods.[irp]

2-Constipation: Dried apricots contain a substance called pectin. They also contain cellulose which is a mild mannered laxative that can be used in order to relieve or treat constipation. The cellulose acts as an insoluble fiber and the pectin maintains the water levels in the body during times of constipation.

3-Digestion: Dried apricots can be consumed prior to each meal in order to stimulate digestion. Dried apricots contain alkali which neutralized the acids in our stomach.

4-Fever: Dried apricots are extremely helpful in reducing fever. Prepare a liquid or dilute the dried apricot with honey by using some water. This will also give you relief from thirst.

5-Skin: The juice from the dried apricots can be used in the treatment of itchy skin due to eczema, sunburn or scabies. It also helps to clear out the acne and fight several other skin problems. An apricot scrub is commonly used in order to exfoliate the skin.

6-Clean digestive tract: Dried apricots greatly help in treating the digestive tract as it acts as a mild laxative in order to flush out all unnecessary waste products. This is particularly useful to react with the digestive juices of the body and will produce a more alkaline environment in order to clean the digestive tract.

7-Pregnancy: Dried apricots have been used as an herbal medicine for pregnancy since a long time. Dried apricots can cure spasms, infertility, and hemorrhage. The paste made out of this dried apricot can also cure any vaginal infections. Dried apricots must be consumed moderately by lactating and pregnant mothers. It is a good snack during pregnancy instead of eating candies etc.

8-Regulate Heartbeat: The dried apricots provide an excellent source of potassium. Potassium is a mineral as well as an electrolyte which is useful in maintaining and regulating proper fluid balance. This also helps in the proper function of muscles as well as regulated the heartbeat.

9-Excellent Vision: Dried apricots contain nutrients such as Vitamin A which is essential for good vision. Vitamin A is also a strong antioxidant and can help in removing free radicals and maintaining healthy tissues and cells. Damage by free radicals can cause injury to the lens of the human eye which can lead to further eye damage or cataracts. Eating dried apricots also reduces the risk of developing a cataract.

10-Hemoglobin: Dried apricots are extremely useful in the production of hemoglobin. Though hemoglobin can treat anemia, as listed above, it also helps in maintaining proper health. The dried apricots contain minerals such as copper and iron which help produce hemoglobin.

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