Top 10 Google Tools everyone using Android Phone or Gmail should know

What does Google know about the places you’ve visited recently? What are your interests as determined by Google? Where does Google keep a list of every word that you’ve ever typed in the search box? Where can you get a list of Google ads that were of interest to you? These are the most important links for anybody with an Android device or a Google account.

1-Are you worried that somebody else might be using your Google account or that your Google account has been hacked? You can open up the activity report for your account and you will get to see a log of every device that has connected to your Google account. You can also get the I.P. Addresses as well as the approximate geographic location.

2-Have you lost your phone, are you not being able to locate it? You can make use of the Google Device Manager in order to find your device, however, the device has to be switched on and connected to the Internet. You can also ring the device, erase any content remotely and even see the exact location. You can also extract the IMEI Number of the phone you have lost from your Google Account.

3-You can export all your data out of the Google system. Download everything from photos, email to your YouTube videos. Visit the link as follows;

4-If you ever find that your content is appearing on any other website then you can raise a DMCA complaint with Google against the respective site in order to get your content removed. Google has a wizard that can remove sites using your content.

5-Any Android phone or the Google maps application on any other smart phone is silently recording and reporting your location, movement, and speed back to the servers at Google. You can look up your entire travel history on Google maps on the website.

6-Create another Google Account by using your existing email address. The regular signup address will provide you with a standard address, however, this special link will provide you the opportunity to create your username with a special URL

7-YouTube and Google are recording every single search term that you have either typed or spoken into their search boxes. An entire log is kept by them of various links and videos that you have clicked and watched.

8-All Gmail users need to login to their Gmail account at least once in 9 months, otherwise, Google will most likely terminate the account in accordance with their program policies. This may be an issue for those with multiple accounts. Set up your primary account as the trusted account for the secondary account to keep receiving any reminders.

9-Google is storing a list of usernames and passwords that users type in Google Chrome or any Android device. They even have a website to check out all your passwords in plain text.

10-Google creates a profile of every user based on the sites they visit, guessing the gender, interests, and age, and then use this to serve you relevant ads. The link is as follows

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