A Visit to the Shubra Palace in Taif, Saudi Arabia

The city of Taif is one of the major tourist attractions inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, mostly due to the pleasant weather found in the summers and the beautiful flowers in the spring season. It is also said that the members of the royal family also shift to Taif from the capital city Riyadh during the hot summer months.[irp]

There are two main roads in order to access Taif from Jeddah. The first road starts from Usfan. Although the road is a bit longer and usually deserted, it is pretty straight, with no heights and/or sharp turns. The second road is the region of Al Hada. This particular road is a bit dangerous as it has curves and sharp inclines.

One should, however, be cautious regardless of the road that they decide to take to Taif. This is mainly due to the fact that there are no safety barriers on the sides of the road and the camels can often be seen crossing the roads in the area. There have been numerous instances where cars and camels have collided. Though it sounds trivial and funny it is an extremely serious issue and can have fatal consequences especially during the night time. Recommended: 7 Tips to avoid Car Accidents involving Camels in Saudi Arabia

Travelers who set out at a reasonable time in the morning will reach Taif by evening. The temperature will be pleasant as usual even in the summer months. However, the city of Taif is unlike any metropolitan city with shops, busy roads, and buildings etc. People sometimes even take unplanned trips and end up scratching their heads and wondering what there is to do, where there is to go. Most people going to the Taif region for the first time often do not know of any good spots for tourists and picnics.

People visiting the area usually have no clue about the Shubra Palace as it does not have any signboard on the building. The Shubra Palace is one of the main attractions of the Taif region and is a must go place for anybody who is visiting the place for the first time.

There is another tourist spot known as Al Shafa. This is located nearly 40 kilometers further away from the city of Taif. With the help of the latest maps such as Google Maps etc. anybody can easily reach the location. Once you reach Al Shafa you will be greeted with a beautiful landscape.

Those visiting the area of Taif can also opt for hiking and can explore the natural treasure on foot. There are also a few locations along the way which have numerous eateries and restaurants which serve good quality food which adds to the entire experience of visiting the Taif region.

All in all, anybody who is planning on visiting the Taif region must go to the Shubra Palace as well as the Al Shafa Mountains. There is no doubt that these two attractions will make your trip worth the drive. Google Map Location of Shubra Palace

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