8 Health reasons you should not miss Eggplants from your diet

Eggplants have always been part of my daily diet. However, I was shocked when I found out that in most parts of the world the Eggplant is considered to be a non-nourishing food. Eggplants like most vegetables ought to be part of our daily diet as they provide some of an essential nutrient that the human body needs to function.

However, an increasing trend can be seen which has cut out all vegetables or most vegetables out of the daily diets, which does not allow our body to absorb the natural nutrients that can be found in vegetables such as eggplants Here are some of the benefits that one could obtain from the consumption of eggplants on a regular or daily basis;[irp]

1-The calcium, iron and other minerals that are found in eggplant supply the human body with the essential nutrients that are required by it. Of course one could get all the health benefits while eating this delicious vegetable. One can choose to stew it, roast it, stuff it, bake it or grill it, they are delicious anyway.

2-Eggplants contain all the essential phytonutrients which greatly help in improving blood circulation and also nourishing the brain. However, remember that the bulk of the nutrients have been concentrated in the skin, so do not just char them and throw them away.

3-Eggplants provide essential fiber that protects the digestive tract in the human body. In fact, a regular intake or consumption of eggplants can protect you from getting colon cancer.

4-Eggplants are low in calories, with just 35 calories per cup. It contains high fiber content and also helps you feel full.

5-For many years, eggplants have been used in order to manage and control diabetes. The modern research validates the historical role played by eggplants in doing this, thanks to the low soluble carbohydrate and high fiber content.

6-Eggplants have also had a historical role in heart care as well. Research and studies have now shown that eggplant can now lower the bad cholesterol. However, you must cook them correctly. The fried eggplants tend to take up a lot of fat, which makes it heavy and harmful. Instead, opt to bake the eggplant at 400 degrees which will bring out the glorious flavor and give you all of the goodness that the eggplant vegetable holds.

7-The heart healthy eggplants don’t only limit cholesterol. The eggplants are also high in bioflavonoid, which is known to relieve stress as well as high blood pressure.

8-Regularly consuming the eggplants will help prevent blood clots. This is thanks to the Vitamin K which strengthens the capillaries.

So here you have it, I hope now you will start to eat some of these healthy vegetables such as eggplants and also recommend adding vegetables to the daily diet of you, your family and your friends as well.

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