9 WTF things people say to brides on their wedding day

Almost every girl that we know, dreams of having a fairy tale like, beautiful and simply exquisite wedding day, without any glitches of course. When the wedding day is near, she will put her soul, heart, effort, time and most of her money into making her big day as perfect as possible. Though the day may be as perfect as possible, there is always some friend, relative or wedding guest that has to add some extra drama to the day.

Now this individual can be anybody from an aunt to the child of a neighbor and can end up saying something extremely strange or uncalled for. But not to worry, you will be laughing about this added drama sooner or later, so here is a list of awkward guaranteed conversations that you are going to have prior to your wedding day.[irp]

1-Wow, you are looking so relaxed: Well the truth is that inside you will be a bundle of nerves, but it is all about appearances on your big day, so stay focused and get it over with.

2-You look Amazing: Many people do not know how to work out their sentences and may not have a suitable word to describe your beauty and may give off a generic answer, such as nice, good or amazing. Most people refrain from praising the bride too much, as people will think they are casting an evil eye.

3-Awww you look happy: Wait, what? Is a bride not supposed to be happy on her big day? This is just ridiculous. Is the bride supposed to look depressed or sad?!

4-Does the groom have a younger brother? (raising their eyebrows) Ummm, the bride to be is not a match maker and the last person that she would want to have as a sister in law would be the person asking this stupid question. By the way, the younger brother is almost always, seeing somebody else or is committed, so back off.

5-Your sister looks prettier: Prettier is a very strange word as it can cause severe anxiety to the bride. Who exactly is the sister looking prettier than, prettier than before, or prettier than you? This shouldn’t be said to a bride as she wants the entire spotlight to herself.

6-He is a good catch: Well yes he is, the bride must have waited for hours with a fishing pole before he was caught.

7-Have fun tonight (sarcasm and dirty jokes): Yeah, thanks for the permission strange wedding guest whom I have never met before and probably never will again.

8-Your Henna is so dark. It means he loves you and will take care of you: Well thanks, but now with all the work being put into making the henna or Henna, I am sure it is made to be as dark as possible.

9-Make sure you control him (smirking): Yeah, I didn’t know I was buying a pet. Stupid me right!

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