Why do we throw stones at Jamarat during Hajj?

3 Pillars: One of the important virtues of Hajj is to throw stones at Jamarat. Jamarat is the three stone pillars namely ‘Jamarat-al-Ula’, ‘Jamarat-al-Wusta’ and ‘Jamarat-al-Aqaba’ which are located in Mina. Have you ever wondered that what is the reason behind pelting these pillars?

One does wonder that why pelt at three pillars and not one. These pillars are pelted to honor Ibrahim’s obedience towards Allah Almighty. Ibrahim A.S was given a task by Allah (SWT) to sacrifice his son Ismail A.S. Ibrahim A.S. had a special affiliation with his son.

The sacrifice of the son of Hazrat Ibrahim: When Ismail A.S was born, Ibrahim A.S had to leave him and his wife alone in the desert in order to fulfill Allah’s command. When he reunited with his family after eight years he dreamt thrice that Allah is demanding the sacrifice of his son, Ismail A.S.

He suppressed his love and emotions for his son and asked his wife to dress up their son as he wanted to take him along with him. When his wife inquired that where is taking the boy, Ibrahim A.S. intentionally lied and told that he wanted to take his son along with him to meet a friend.

He lied because he did not want his wife to get emotional nor he wanted anyone to stop him from Allah’s command. 

Hazrat Ibrahim A.S. left for Mina with Ismail A.S: Ismail A.S. happily accompanied his father. Upon reaching Mina, Ibrahim A.S. asked his son’s opinion on the order of slaughter given to him by Allah Almighty. Ibrahim would not deny Allah’s command even if Ismail A.S. would ask him.

He just wanted to get assure of his son’s faith in Allah. He wanted to get assure that whether he would agree with it or he would have to use force. But to everyone’s surprise, Ismail A.S. asked his father to carry Allah’s order.

He gave a guarantee to his father that he would not trouble him so that it would be easy for him to slaughter him. He, however, requested his father to deliver his shirt to his mother and to wrap him in his (Ibrahim’s) shirt.

The Interaction with the Devil: The devil (Shaitan) never wants anyone to follow Allah’s command. He first went to Hajra A.S. and told her that his husband has taken her son to sacrifice him. Hajra did not outrage upon hearing this as she knew that if Ibrahim A.S. was doing it, it must be Allah’s decree.

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Shaitan then went to Ibrahim A.S. to convince him not to commit the sacrifice. He appeared at first Jamarat but Ibrahim threw seven stones at him on command of Hazrat Jibraeil A.S. so that he would run away and not distract him.

On Ibrahim’s way, shaitan reappeared at second jamarat, again Ibrahim pelted him with seven stones on command of Jibraeil A.S. The same reappearance of shaitan and his stoning by Ibrahim took place at third Jamarat.

Allah wanted to test the faith of Ibrahim, when he was about to slaughter his son, a sheep was sent to be replaced with Ismail A.S. The stoning of devil and sacrifice at Eid ul Adha both are done to follow Ibrahim A.S. Sunnah.