Saudi man divorces his Wife for not serving Sheep’s head to guests

Marriage is a beautiful bond where two people start up a life together and are ready to sacrifice a lot of things and habits just to please their counterparts. The bond of marriage is a strong one, two people tend to live with each other forever, they start a family and a new life.

However, the marriage bond is breakable, unlike your bond with parents and siblings, the bond of marriage can separate two from a relationship forever. So, to lead a successful and happily married life, both the counterparts need to take steps rationally. Small fights should not be made a huge issue. Patience and sometimes ignorance are required by both husband and wife.[irp]

However, it seems like couples don’t have the patience anymore. This is the very reason that Saudi Arabia along with many other Gulf countries like Kuwait and UAE is suffering from high divorce rates over recent years.  People need to understand that every relation, especially marriage, requires time to strengthen it, patience to smoothen it and of course, love and sacrifice to make it successful.

But, unfortunately, people do not understand it. When we researched upon the reasons for divorce in Saudi Arabia, we were quite amazed. While some divorce cased were justified, some divorce reasons sound pretty stupid.

Dr. Hani Al Ghamdi, who is a renowned psychoanalyst, briefed that high divorce rates can be attributed to the fact that couples do not understand the importance of their relationship and are unaware of the morals and values that are required to keep up the bond.

Highlighting certain shocking divorce cases, Ghamdi briefed that recently a husband divorced his wife because he was irritated by the tone of her voice! (shocking it is!) Then another case where a newlywed couple went for their honeymoon and returned separated. The reason: wife wore anklets. So wearing an anklet is a crime that is punishable through a divorce?

Another surprising case where a husband divorced his wife because she walked ahead of him in the mall. Aren’t these cases ridiculous? Well, another case that has been quite famous on social media will surely blow you up.

There was this couple in Saudi Arabia leading a good life. The husband invited some guests and wife prepared the feast for them. While serving the food to them, the wife forgot to add the sheep’s head. So when the guests went away, the husband came screaming into the kitchen complaining that she hadn’t added the sheep’s head to the feast and has caused him suffer from disgrace and embarrassment.

He said that adding the sheep’s head is a gesture of generosity and that the wife had ruined an important event of his life. He divorced her

Hmoud Al Shammari who is a legal marriage officiator talked upon the matter. He is of view that we shall hold counseling services for the newlyweds. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing accelerated divorce rates. In concern of this, marriage workshops have been initiated by the Ministry of justice. But we have not been able to put down the rising divorce trend. There is a need to make the couples aware of the importance of their relationship.[irp]

People tend to give divorce and then regret, they also become a victim of depression. For instance, the above-mentioned “sheep head divorce case” the man asked for forgiveness after few months, yet the wife did not agree because the man had already married another woman. It is better to remain calm and think rationally instead of regretting later!

Source: Al Watan

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