Men Should beat Women to show their Love – Imane Bent El Howat (Moroccan Singer)

Women around the world have been subjected to physical and mental abuse. Men being the physically stronger counterpart have taken advantage and have made women go through abuses. I am not talking that centuries ago women were deprived of their rights, we still have societies where men can easily beat up women and others would ask her to keep quiet.[irp]

I here not say that all men are abusive and take due advantage of their strength nor I am saying that all women have gone through a physical or a mental torture. What I am saying is that we had and still have societies were beating up women is not a big deal.

Not only in villages this trend is followed, but we have witnessed cases where in big cities some educated men had crossed limits of violence against women. Women rights activists have helped women regain her status. Different campaigns and years of struggle have let women enjoy her rights.

But this is one part of the story. Can you imagine a woman claiming that it is okay that if a man beats up a woman and that too at an international forum? You must have met women who claim that they are not in favor of feminism. These women have a view that men and women do not have equal rights and responsibilities.

But then, in this world, there is a woman who believes that men should beat up women! Yes, people, this lady lives on the planet Earth! Imane Bent El Howat is a singer belonging to Morocco. She launched a song in which she claims that how much females enjoy when they are beaten up by men.[irp]

Her song tends to invite men to beat up women as the song claims that women enjoy domestic violence. The song lyrics go:

  • Even if he beats me, he won’t let anyone else beat me. Even if he beats me, he is jealous and loves me.
  • They say beating comes from paradise; one who tastes it comes into peace.

Her song went viral and she was interviewed to explain her views. She claims that unless a woman is beaten up by her husband, she can’t know if her husband loves her or not. (So if a husband beats his wife, he loves her? Sounds pretty illogical)

She then claims that she does not support domestic violence. (Really?) She is not supporting a man who would take a woman and beat her which would put scars on her. She supports a man who beats out in love. “The sweet beating, the jealousy one, the loved one, the need one. “A man can push women, can pull out a normal slap, claims the artist.

People are indeed in a shock. People would listen to the song encouraging violence and would dance upon it! This is what we need? A woman inviting men to violate other women rights! Well, this is insane. No love can be expressed like this!

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