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Most of the time, you ought that the housemaid at your relatives’ house suits you more than your relatives. You both are willing to interchange your housemaids but cannot. Most of the housemaids we hire are expats and to interchange them we would have to go through a process of changing sponsorship and all.

But now the problem has been solved for you as you can swap your housemaid with the housemaid of your relatives. The Department of Passports, which we commonly call the Jawazat, has made a new announcement on its official website. According to the new regulation that has been passed, relatives can now swap their housemaids.

This means that if you and your relatives are having housemaids and you need to interchange them, you can do it following a legal process now. However, one shall understand that the word Relatives is used, you cannot interchange your housemaids with friends or colleges. For now, you can swap housemaids with your relatives only.

Having domestic workers is quite a common trend in Saudi Arabia. According to the statistics, we are having about 2 million domestic workers in the country. Among these 2 million domestic workers, 62% of them are females. These housemaids tend to grab more than SR 2 billion per month as their salaries.

The Jawazat has also made it clear that those working in the private sector that has under their sponsorship Housemaids shall precede the mandatory fees levied on dependents, companions, and housemaids before renewal of Iqamas and applying for exit and re-entry visas.

The iqama should be renewed 3 days before the card expires. It has been made clear by the Jawazat that it would not be granting grace period in such a case. Heavy fines would be levied on those who do not renew their Iqamas. If the Iqama is not renewed before it got expired, a fine worth SR 500 would be levied. However, if the Iqama is not renewed, before expiry, for the second time a fine of SR 1000 shall be levied.

So where you are given relaxation in interchanging your house housemaids with your relatives, the Jawazat has made it very clear that one shall renew the iqama cards before expiry.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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