Expatriate drove Saudi lady for dialysis for 2 years free of cost – was gifted a brand new car

An Indian Expatriate living in Saudi Arabia has been gifted a car for his services. Time has changed almost everything including people. We don’t have time for our loved ones. Our lives are so busy that we don’t have time to care about anyone. We have turned selfish.

We don’t even know that if any of our relatives are in trouble or needs help. Have you observed that even if you are in deep trouble, you might hesitate to ask your relatives for help? This is because we have created distances among us.[irp]

The world is falling short of good and selfless people. There are only a few left who would be there for others, who would care for others. They may be less in number, but they do exist. If you think that good people do not exist anymore on this planet, you should read the story below to change your beliefs.

A 22 years old Indian national who lives in Saudi Arabia is a pure example of a kind person. He not only was born in Madina, yet can speak a Saudi dialect fluently. Living in Saudi Arabia for years now, the Indian national has served our country like a national.

He had been providing his free services to an elderly Saudi citizen for two years. The Saudi citizen had been going through a kidney problem and had to visit hospital thrice a week to undergo a process of dialysis.

The elderly Saudi woman was taken to the hospital and then dropped off to her house, thrice a week for two years, by the Indian national and that too for free of cost. The Indian expatriate would take her to the hospital, wait until she had undergone the treatment and then would drop her to her residence.

Not charging for his services or for the fuel, the Indian national would take her to the hospital on time for two years. This is not it; the expatriate did not have his own car. He used to first borrow a car from his friend then drive the patient to the hospital, wait until she got free, drop her off to her house and then return the car to his friend. All this effort was done just to serve humanity and not for the sake of money or a reward.

It has been reported that the Indian national used to often serve breakfast to the elderly Saudi woman. See, there are some selfless people on this planet! One of the relatives of the Saudi woman posted the news about the Indian national.

After few hours, a Saudi businessman, Saud Al Hajed offered a car as a gift to the Indian national. The gift was given in recognition of the Indian national’s services to humanity for two years. Saud Al Hajed is the head of a local NGO named Omyinitiative. The NGO tends to promote volunteer work.

We would like to thank the Indian national for his unconditional services. You have told the world that nationality does not matter, we are humans and we need to look after each other. Watch the video if you can understand Arabic and regain your trust to the humanity.

Source: Gulf News

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