Why are some people so afraid of Cinemas in Saudi Arabia?

For now, there are no cinemas in Saudi Arabia, but there is a news that cinemas would be opened in Saudi Arabia soon. Where many are quite glad to hear the news, others are sad. Actually, they are afraid of cinemas. But the thing is why the Saudis are afraid of cinemas?[irp]

Cinemas are just like watching a large TV with a group of people. TVs are quite common in Saudi Arabia. Most Saudis are well aware of the cinemas as well. There were few cinemas in Saudi Arabia 10 years ago. These cinemas were located in a sports club and there was one in the Aramco compound located in the city of Dhahran.

So if we know about cinemas then what are the fears? I mean cinemas won’t be a new concept for us. See, most of the people are afraid of the content that would be shown in the cinemas. But we shall bear it in our minds that we (Saudis) are human beings. We are a nation that is neither superior to any one nor inferior. We are Muslims that are not the most pious ones. Saudis are like ordinary Muslims. We too have good and bad qualities. We are just like any other nation in the world. We are not different from others.

Even in all the years, we did not have cinemas, we are still equipped with satellite TVs. These satellite TVs are quite common among the Saudis and non-Saudis living in the Kingdom. Almost every house here has been equipped with a satellite TV. These satellite TVs broadcast various programs. These programs are of various natures like there are sports programs, cultural, entertainment, you can view news and then there are movies there too.  You are watching a movie at your home is slightly different than watching it in cinemas, right?

Moreover, these satellite TVs also broadcast some inappropriate contents. Due to the nature of the technology used in broadcasting the programs through satellite TV, it is difficult to monitor and restrict the content. See, sometimes there are technological barriers that are difficult to break.

We know that even if we put child locks and other restrictions, we cannot completely control the content being viewed on our TVs. Our kids and other family members go through content that is inappropriate. We cannot monitor the content entirely.

But cinemas can. They regulate the content that has to be shown and then censors the inappropriate one. So aren’t cinemas safer? You can sit by your kid in the cinema and are completely aware of what he is seeing. At homes, you cannot monitor them completely. Also, you cannot first see the entire movie and cut or censor the inappropriate content! So why are we so afraid of cinemas? Just relax as things would surely turn out to be good!

Source: Saudi Gazette


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