Shahad: A 5 years old Saudi girl who has undergone 70 surgeries so far

Sometimes small accidents can leave marks forever. Sometimes minor carelessness can make us regret long. A small incident that has made Hussain Al Khidaish go through such pain that we cannot even imagine it.  Her two years old daughter swallowed a burning material.

The material, which has not been specified and disclosed, changed the life of her daughter forever. The incident took away her daughter’s normal life away. The poor soul’s esophagus and stomach got burnt severally. Since then, his daughter cannot eat or even drink through her mouth, she is being fed through a tube attached to her nose.[irp]

The girl named Shahad is now five years old. Yes, she has been living like this for three years. Not only this, the Saudi girl has undergone 70 surgeries! The time she should have devoted in carefree playing and should have enjoyed has all been devoted to hospital rooms and surgeries. Poor mate!

The worst part is that all this has been fruitless, the father claims that the girl’s condition has not been improved a bit. She has been unable to eat or even drink normally! Revealing further, the father said that her daughter was immediately taken to the Saad Hospital in Al-Khobar when she swallowed the burning material.

She remained admitted in the very hospital for two weeks. An artificial breathing system was installed upon her that enabled her to breathe. She was then referred to an educational hospital of Al Khobar.Later, the little girl was taken to Riyadh’s King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh.

She underwent endoscopic operations there for sake of enlarging and expanding her esophagus and stomach. She had to go for a surgery once after every two weeks. A feeding tube that is attached to her stomach from her nose is there since two and a half years as her condition could not improve even after 70 rounds of painful surgeries.

The father claims that the child’s condition has worsened when her esophagus got pierced while she was having an endoscopic operation for expansion purposes. The poor child underwent 50 surgeries while she was admitted to King Fahd Medical City.

The doctors then referred her to the King Khaled University Hospital in Riyadh. There too the child was made the subject of fruitless yet multiple surgeries. The father is depressed to see her little one in suffering since 3 years.

He now has lost hope for treatment here and has urged the Saudi government that her daughter should be granted a treatment abroad at the expense of government. May Allah grant Shahad health and speedy recovery and may ALLAH keep our children safe and sound. Ameen.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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