Update Iqama Expiry Date using Al Rajhi Bank Phone banking without visiting their branch

As you know that you have to update Iqama Expiry Date with your bank account after the renewal of iqama to avoid freezing of bank account. If you don’t update your Iqama with the bank, the account is frozen by the Bank. Now Saudi Nationals and residents both can update Iqama expiry date without going to the branch or service center. They can update from home with just a phone call. They can use the service which will allow updating their Iqama expiry date comfortably by using Al Rajhi bank phone banking.[irp]

First, you need to call Al Rajhi Helpline at 920003344.

Choose your language “English”

Press “0” for other services

Press “5” to update information.

The system will ask you to enter your year and month of birth. Please enter the year and month of birth mentioned on the Iqama. After successfully entering this information, a message will be sent containing a 4 digits’ number.

Enter the verification code and you are done with updating iqama expiry date with the bank. You don’t need to visit bank at all.


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