This Saudi University is ranked among Top 50 Universities of the World

Building an educational institution is an achievement, but making it the best one is a victory. Providing quality education to its students is the foremost task of an educational institution. Saudi Arabia has been able to achieve this goal.

The international ranking has ranked our university among top 50 leading universities.  Yes, The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) was able to get into the top 50 universities in the world. The KAUST was founded in 2009. In a short span of time, it has been able to achieve what most institutions couldn’t and that too for quite long.[irp]

The university, which is a research hub, is a private university. It is located in the Thuwal, Jeddah. The university is a renowned institution. The university has given out some quality researchers in the field of science and technology. These researchers have helped Saudi Arabia to lead a balanced economic growth. The research papers produced by the university have gained both attention and appreciation. 

Not only the institution is able to achieve a high rank among leading universities, it was able to score well in other indexes. Among the top 100 most developed institutes of the world, KAUST was ranked 19th! 8,000 worldwide institutes were surveyed for the matter, the development criteria looked into the quantity and quality research produced by the institutes. Among 8,000 institutions, KAUST was ranked 19th! The scores to institutions were given according to the Nature Index of 2016.

This is not it! We have still more to disclose about the remarkable achievements of KAUST. The university’s 8 faculty members have made us proud as well. The 8 faculty members were named in a list of the world’s most respectable researchers. The list is known as the Thomas Reuters list. [irp]

Wow! We are pretty amazed by the institute’s achievement. It didn’t even take the institute a decade to gain such achievements. Such an achievement is the result of the dedication of the founders, faculty and of course our students! The university has a remarkable output record in terms of the results, research, and innovations.

The scientific and technological researches undertaken by the university have helped Saudi Arabia socially and economically. The innovations and better technology have helped us to meet the needs of the society and that too by saving our precious resources.

Some of the intelligent, talented and passionate people around the globe are now part of the university. They are gaining better knowledge because of the atmosphere of the university and providing a lot to the country as a whole.

The department of Innovation and Economic Development briefed that the university is looking forward to enhancing its economic research so that various economic fields can gain the benefit. It is keen to lead the economy of Saudi Arabia to a status of knowledge based economy. Also, it wants to promote and enhance the entrepreneurship culture in Saudi Arabia.  

Source: Arab News

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