How to check status of Work Permit Levy (Maktab-al-Amal Fee)?

Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia increased the work permit levy or Maktab-al-Amal fee for the expatriates working in Saudi Arabia on 1st Muharram 1434 (November 14, 2012). The work permit levy or Maktab-al-Amal fee used to be SR 100 before November 14, 2012 per expatriate employee. An additional work permit levy of SR 2,400 was imposed on expatriate employees for businesses who maintain less than 50% Saudi employees from November 14, 2012. From the beginning of July 2018, the fee is expected to increase to SR 4,800, it will further increase to SR 7,200 from July 2019 and ultimately reach to SR 9,600 per expatriate employee from July 2020.

Many employers cannot bear the financial burden of current work permit levy or Maktab-al-Amal fee, so they ask their employees to pay this fee on their behalf. Employees who want to renew their iqamas, don’t have any other option but to pay the fee. After handing over the money to their sponsors, they want to check if their sponsor has really paid the work permit levy or labor card fee to the Ministry of Labor. In this guide, we shall explain the procedure to check if Work Permit Levy (Maktab-al-Amal Fee) has been paid on your account.

Open Ministry of Labor Website from this link. There is no English version available so you don’t need to waste your time to look for the English version of the website. You need to select خدمة رقصة العمل from the نوع الخدمة as shown in the screenshot. Enter your Iqama Number, enter the CAPTCHA code and click on the tab to continue.[irp]

The system will fetch the details from the MOL system for you. There are 2 details given here. The SADAD number provided here is used to make payment of Work Permit Levy on your account. There is another information provided which is called حالة السداد or payment status. There can be 3 different messages here and we have explained them below. Recommended: How to Check if Work Permit is issued by Ministry of Labor?

تم السداد: If this message appears on your computer screen, it means the payment has been made on your account and there is no pending payment.

قيد السداد: If this message appears, it means that the payment has not been made yet.

منتھي الصلاحیة: If this message appears it means that the payment has not been made from a long time and it has expired. Now your sponsor will have to contact Labor Office before making the payment for work permit levy.