Bicicleta: The first Women Team Cyclists in Saudi Arabia ride on the Corniche Road in Jeddah

Women in Saudi Arabia have been in news lately. They have been doing what people never even imagined. The women of this generation are intelligent, strong and brave. Women have destroyed all the stereotypes previously attached to them, and God knows what else will be coming next. We shall definitely be keeping our fingers crossed!

Now, look at our women team named Bicicleta. Bicicleta is Saudi Arabia’s first women cyclists’ team. Yes, our women are now riding bicycles and they have completely nailed the sport. The young females are brave, courageous and passionate enough to ride bicycles fearlessly on the roads of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

The Biciicleta is a team of 30 young women. The team was founded a year and a half ago by a daring girl named Ndima Abul Enein. The team was formulated in Jeddah. Ndima revealed that she had a passion towards bicycling since she was a child.

As she grew up, her interest in cycling did not fade away and thereby she decided to take it up as a profession. Being a cyclist is not a profession that most of the men would opt, yet a girl was brave enough to follow her dreams.

Cycling is not an easy task. You have to be physically strong to pedal every move, and then you have to show strength against harsh climate: the sun is burning or the rainfall is coming heavily, you must keep on peddling! Not that easy as you might think it is!

Keeping in view our cultural and religious norms, these girls cover themselves up modestly while cycling. The girls who are seen cycling on the roads of Jeddah and at the seafront wear a hijab contrasted with loose shirts and pants. This is great, they are following the societal norms while following their passion!

For the sake of the safety of these girls, safety and precautionary measures are taken. These cyclists are trained to wear helmets properly over their headscarves. A helmet is a great tool for the rider’s safety that shall be practiced by all the riders.

It helps the rider be safe against major and serious injuries. The riders are trained to wear gloves and proper shoes for riding their bicycles. They are also made aware of the traffic rules and regulations.

Ndima’s team of cyclists has evolved as a professional team in a short span of time. The team is also quite active on social media. They have created a community which uploads their pictures and people are appreciating them!

Yet those who criticize them cannot demotivate them. These passionate girls do not feel bad if someone bashes them, they do not take them seriously! They know well how to face an unpleasant and an awkward situation.[irp]

Yet there is a need of great attention. These girls are doing well, however, the doors of local and regional competitions are still close to them. We need to provide them with a greater opportunity so that they can reveal their talent to others.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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