Is it allowed to sacrifice for the dead people on Eid-al-Adha?

A trend of sacrificing animals for the dead people: When our loved ones die, we tend to do favors for their souls. We know that we cannot help them directly, we can pray for them or do deeds which would help raise their good deeds. The dear ones may leave us, they cannot enjoy the worldly pleasures, yet we want their hereafter to be pleasant.

In Saudi Arabia, a trend has been uprooted where the people sacrifice an animal for the sake of their departed loved ones. They believe that just as living one's sacrifice an animal and its help gain rewards, so if an animal is sacrificed on behalf of a dead one, his rewards shall rise.

1 million animals are sacrificed only in Saudi Arabia in this regard: According to a study, a million animals are sacrificed each year for the very purpose. However, this trend should be abandoned. A Scholar named Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq stated that the Islamic research does not prove its authenticity.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq is one of the members of the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars. He is also an adviser at the Royal Court. He says that even though Muslims spend their money with very kind intentions, yet it has no Islamic basis.

3627 Sacrifice for the dead is not right, invest in charity instead - Saudi Scholar 01

Sacrificing for Dead has no Islamic Basis: Abdul Aziz Al-Abdullah also supports his views and claims that this action has no Islamic basis. Dr. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq briefed that this view was supported by the late scholar Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud.

The faithful Muslims are thereby advised to use this money for charity purposes. One can give away charity instead of sacrificing an animal on behalf of a dead one. The people who want to do something for their departed ones shall allocate money for kind purposes.

These can include providing shelter and food to the poor, financially supporting a marriage of less privileged, healthcare assistance for ill and needy.

SR 800 million is spent every year to sacrifice animals for Dead: He says Islam teaches us to sacrifice an animal for the living ones, not for the dead ones. There is no Islamic event, Quran’s Ayat or a single Hadith proving the authenticity of the matter. He briefed that if a single animal costs SR 800 then every year SR 800 million is spent for the purpose. 

3627 Sacrifice for the dead is not right, invest in charity instead - Saudi Scholar

Prophet’s wives did not perform a sacrifice for the Prophet after his death. Aisha R.A and Asma R.A did not perform a sacrifice for their father Abubaker Al-Siddique R.A after his death. Abdullah Bin Omar R.A and his sister Hafsa R.A did not perform a sacrifice for the goodness of their father Omar Bin Khattab R.A.

Organizations that are providing facilities to poor and needy are in need of money to continue their mission. He briefed that organizations supporting marriages need SR 400 million, SR 200 million is required by those who build houses for poor, while those who provide treatment and health facility require SR 200 million. We need to redirect our resources.

Source: Saudi Gazette