Procedure to pay fee for Iqama of Newly Born Child – Born outside Saudi Arabia

If your child is born out of Saudi Arabia, you need to bring them in Saudi Arabia and apply for their Iqama. The detailed procedure you need to follow to bring your child born out of Saudi Arabia has been given in these links. One of the steps in the above-mentioned procedure is to pay the fee for Iqama of Newly born child. In this article, we shall explain the Procedure to pay the fee for Iqama of Newly Born ChildBorn outside Saudi Arabia.

First of all, you need to login to your internet banking account. In this guide, we are using internet banking account of Al Rajhi Bank. However, the procedure is same in almost all banks. After logging in to your internet banking account, you need to click on the Payments tab given in the banner above, select “SADAD”. A new page will appear with some other options from where you need to click on “MOI Payments”.

The next page will appear with so many options and you need to click on “Expatriate Services” to proceed further.[irp]

In the next screen, you need to select “Payment” as “Transaction Type” and “Dependents Entry Visa Fee Collection” as Application Type. Enter the Iqama number of the sponsor of the family (you are the sponsor of your family if they are your dependents) and the number of children for whom you want to process Iqama. It should be noted that there is no need to pay this fee if your dependent is born in Saudi Arabia. However, you will have to pay Dependent’s Fee for Newly Born Child.[irp]

A new window will open containing details of sponsor’s name, Iqama number and the amount of fee. Just press the confirm button if details are accurate. You can check available funds after given in the MOI account. The amount paid here should be deposited in the Passport Deposits. Normally it appears within 30 minutes of the payment.

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