Why Street Cleaners accept a job offer worth SR 400 per month?

No one would like to become a cleaner, especially a street cleaner. It is not a kind of a job one would opt for as it is a difficult task. One has to go through things that are not desirable to see, touch and smell. Then in streets, there are insects, animals like cats and rats roaming around. No one would like to go for this job, especially when one is paid SR 400 for it. A Street cleaner in Saudi Arabia has to work 11 hours per day with only one day off, a week, to earn SR 400.[irp posts=”42″ name=”A Bangladeshi Street Cleaner became a millionaire overnight in Makkah”]

But this is only one side of the story. in Saudi Arabia, there are benefits of being a street cleaner. The people are generous towards these people and give away a lot of money to charity. It allows the street cleaners to earn a handsome amount. A street cleaner revealed that he manages to earn as much as SR 700 to SR 2,500 and that too out of pity! The Saudis and non-Saudis tend to give cash to these people. Some people tend to offer food as well. Even though it is very kind of people to be generous towards these less privileged people. Yet it has caused the emergence of a problem. The problem is that some fake street cleaners have entered the market just to gain money.

As a study, some street cleaners were carefully observed. They would just go back and forth the traffic light, merely cleaning the street. They were looking for the charity handouts.  These fake street cleaners are all over and merely work. They want money without moving an inch. Some action needs to be taken against them. Such a trend is not safe, many legitimate street cleaners are at a loss because of them.

The ones who clean our streets and are undergoing their jobs are not given the charity money. The rest come across to collect their part of the money. A street cleaner complained that the money shall be handed to those who work and are shy to come over to take money. This is definitely not fair nor safe. We need to take a step against these fake street cleaners.[irp posts=”165″ name=”Why do Street Cleaners beg for money in Saudi Arabia?”]

According to Badr Al-Ahmari who is a representative at Seder Group’s Environmental Services Division that caters for cleanliness in certain districts of Riyadh and Jeddah, that many fake street cleaners are out there. A study shows that a uniform, broom and garbage bag shall cost only SR 114. They have obtained identical uniforms and are not there to clean the place rather fill their pockets with the tip money. Al Ahmari briefed that a worker in Grand mosque can earn SR 300 through tips in an hour. That makes a lot of money in a single day! A Street cleaner in Al Rawdah district can earn SR 10 in two hours.

Source: Arab News

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