Why Reham Fowzi, a female Saudi Dentist decided to run a food truck in Jeddah?

Following your passion is not always easy. Sometimes you have to struggle very hard. Having a dream is easy, but making it a reality is a tough task. But what is obtained through struggle has its own joy.  Everyone has a dream, especially for their career. Some, from their childhood, wish to become a doctor, while some want to be pilots or engineers. But only those who struggle hard achieve what they want. Those who compromise with destiny, never achieve their dreams.  So, here we are with an inspirational story of Reham Fowzi Shabbanah. The 24 years old girl always wished to become an entrepreneur.[irp]

Girls, well mostly, are not interested in such careers. Rather than having their own business, they like to become doctors, dentists, chefs, designers or teachers. Having such a dream indicates that Reham Fowzi Shabbanah is a tough lady with strength and guts. When she undertook dentistry it looked like her dream would remain a dream. However, she was focused. While studying she planned for her business. She wanted to start up a food truck business. Even though it was quite difficult for her to plan a business and study at the same time, however, the brave lady accomplished them both.

She successfully completed her dentistry, she is now a graduate from Jeddah. However, as soon as she completed her studies, she started up the business she was planning for. The food truck business was also ready to be initiated.  She gives the credit of her success to her family. She claims that if they weren’t supportive, she could not have achieved both the degree and business startup simultaneously.

She claims that things went quite smoothly. Even the paperwork and formal proceedings for the business setup ended easily. For sure, when you are passionate to achieve a dream, things go well! She says that she started the food truck business on a small scale. She would set up the truck at an event, festival or an entertainment place where people were gathered. She would also move her truck to recreational spots in summers. The people loved her idea and food both. This way she a lot of residents of Jeddah and made contacts with them.

The educated young lady knows the importance of social media in today’s era and therefore is active on it. She, unlike other food truck owners, updates her followers with her schedules. Her followers know the location and time of the food truck; they also are aware of the menu! She also takes in their suggestions. Their complaints also help her to improve where needed. She briefed that people complain about the high prices, but the prices are justified because of the quality. She claims that she serves quality food.[irp]

She loves it when people acknowledge her work and she loves living her dream. Obtaining your goals is not easy, but the joy you get after obtaining is beyond everything. Keep up the struggle because if Reham Fowzi Shabbanah can do it, so can you!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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