When was the first Goldmine discovered in Saudi Arabia?

Gold is one the most precious metals. The Reddish yellow metal is an eye catcher and people desire to have it more and more. Gold has many unique properties which make it a highly valuable item. It has a high malleability and it has complete resistance towards corrosion and most other chemical reactions. It is a great conductor of electricity. All these properties and much more have made gold a highly demanded metal by households, industries, and economies. Households use it for saving, jewelry, and investment purposes. Gold is the most loveable gift when it comes to marriage and other special events. The gold jewelry is worn by women around the world. Industries use gold because of its excellent qualities while economies boost up their worth by holding gold reserves.[irp]

The standard measure of Gold is Karat. Karat is a measuring unit of Gold which indicates the purity of gold. Karat is often abbreviated as Kt or simply K. A 24 Karat of gold means that the gold is simply pure: it contains no other metal than gold. 24 K gold is the most expensive one. 22K gold is the one that has 22 parts of the gold and the rest of the two parts are some other metal like silver, nickel, zinc and other alloys. It means 2 parts of the jewelry contains an impurity. However, the 18 K of gold contains only 18 parts of pure gold. Saudi Arabia is indeed a blessed nation. It has huge oil and gas reserves. Not only it possesses oil and gas abundantly but also it has massive gold deposits. The gold reserves are historic assets of the nation. Jotted below is the history of gold in Saudi Arabia.

The gold mining began in Saudi Arabia about 5000 years from now. History declares that the first ever gold mining was practiced in 3000 BC. During the reign of Islamic Abbasid, the second phase of gold mining took place in Saudi history. This phase occurred between 750 and 1258 AD. During the rule of King Abdulaziz, gold was extracted in the kingdom. During his rule, a gold deposit was rediscovered at Mahd Al-Dhahab in 1932. Mahd Al-Dhahab is a city located at 380 km northeast to the province of Madinah and lies in the western region of the country. It lies 1060 meters above sea level. The gold was then extracted between 1939 and 1954. Gold mining is not an easy task. The gold cannot be mined simply; it takes a lot of effort and thinking. The mining at Mahd Al Dhabah is carried out by utilizing an underground method where a complete tunnel is carved out which is more than 60 km. Along with it, a specially designed metallurgical plant is used to mine gold.

Mahd Al Dhahab is the first ever gold mine of the modern Saudi Arabia. It is rightly known as the cradle of gold as it has massive and impressive gold deposits. In 2007 58,256 ounces of Gold was approximately produced by underground operations at Mahd Al Dhahab. The area was mined which processed 183,425 tons of ore at a grade of 11.1 grams per ton of gold in 2007. The mine of Mahd Al Dhaba also produces copper and zinc and other residues that are a great perk for third party toll smelting. Saudi Arabian Mining Company was established by the Saudi Arabian government in 1997. It was established as a joint stock company which was having a capital of SR4 billion. It came into being to operate five mines across the country.[irp]f

What started as a gold mining organization ended up developing with the passage of time! It has now expanded its business operational horizon by incorporating the development of phosphate, aluminum, and other precious minerals. Now a Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) has been established: It caters for diploma course in the art of gold-smithery. As the Saudi Arabian market needs goldsmiths, this is a great initiative. The most impressive thing about Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) is that it not only gives out diplomas to men and women yet it prefers women as women are more career oriented. 

Source: Saudi Gazette