When are women going to drive in Saudi Arabia?

The women around the world have shown us that they are not an inferior creation. They are as capable as men. We have seen that women have emerged as successful CEO’S, managers, sportsperson and even they have shown their strengths by serving Army. The thing is, women if given opportunity, can do wonders. We have seen that women are successfully managing houses and work, they are doing both the jobs perfectly. 2017 has been a great year for Saudi females. They have shown us from the very beginning of the year that they are no less than others. They are performing greatly in cooperate sector. We have seen examples of Saudi women as great pilots, managers, sportsperson and more.[irp]

Now if roam around Saudi Arabia, you will witness females selling popcorns around the street, working in offices and malls. This is quite unbelievable as we believed that women can do their best at homes only. But no, our women have proven us wrong altogether. They are coming out from their houses with a hope to support themselves and their families, they are passionate and hopeful. They want to change their lives and lives of those associated with them, for them being a woman is not an obstacle. They have dreams and they want to accomplish them.

However, in a society like Saudi Arabia, which is a conservative society, women are facing some hurdles. The government has, of course, supported them. If we look at the vision 2020, it is focused on female empowerment. The government themselves have realized that women are a great asset that needs to be utilized. But there is still one obstacle undone: The one that does not allow women to drive. You see when a woman needs to go to work, she needs to avail a transport facility. As Saudi women cannot drive (they can, yet not allowed) they are dependent on others.

Transportation becomes a huge hurdle in their way. They have to reach their job destiny but have no one to drop them.  So the authorities are now working on the matter. Prince Faisal Bin Abdullah has assured that by the end of the very year or by the beginning of the next year women of Saudi Arabia will be given permission to hold a driving license. He says that this step would be taken. Even some people are against it, but that’s fine.[irp]

When any change is taking place in a society, people tend to resists. It’s quite natural as people fear change and the previous norms have been rooted deeply in them. Some men fear that if women are given more and more dependence and authority, they will outrage against men. But that is not a right prediction. Allowing women to drive would only make her life comfortable, not yours miserable! People will resist, but time will settle down things. Let’s focus on making our lives easier and making Saudi Arabia a prosperous nation!

Source: Saudi Gazette