WhatsApp will allow users to un-send the already delivered message

Have sent a wrong message to someone? Feeling terrible? Wishing there was a rewind button in life? We usually face scenarios where we tend to send a message to a person that was meant for another person! Well, we are humans and we are prone to mistakes. Sometimes we regret texting someone and wish there was a rewind button in life.[irp]

But worry not; you can now overcome your regrets and escape awkward situations! There is great news for all the WhatsApp users out there. According to WABetaInfo WhatsApp is coming with this amazing feature where users would be facilitated to recall their sent messages! WABeataInfo is a blog that discloses news about the application. Keep your fingers crossed as update shall strike soon and you will be able to recall the sent messages.

Until then if you simply delete a message from your unread sent messages, they shall be deleted from your device only. However, once the new feature is made available you can retrieve your sent messages. However, there are two important conditions:

  • The messages can be retrieved only within 2 minutes
  • The message(s) can be retrieved only if the receiver has not seen them.[irp]

So basically, the message shall be unread so that it can be taken back. Also, you need to be punctual! However, it is the most amazing feature everyone has wished for. However, there is a buzz that the feature shall be first available on the smartphones that are window based. Till then other users have to wait: but the wait will be fruitful! Let’s keep our fingers cross and wait for the new exciting WhatsApp feature!