What does Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince mean for the country?

Recently, Saudi Arabia has crowned Mohammad bin Salman as the new prince. The 31 years old young prince is the son of King Salman. He is all over the news and people love to call him Mr. Everything. A diplomat from West commented that Mohammad is a bright and intelligent person. People believe that Mohammad is the right choice. Mohammad bin Nayef, his cousin was to be declared as the crown prince and interior minister, yet the decision was taken back and a crown was set on Mohammad bin Salman’s head. [irp]

Interesting he is, so we decided to throw a light on his vision and his significance for the Saudi economy. You see, whenever someone comes into power, it is important to look over his capabilities. Can we rely on Mohammad bin Salman for Saudi Arabia’s better future? Selecting him as a crown prince is a viable choice as he was second in line for the throne in near past? Will he be able to boost the economy and bring in prosperity? These are the questions that have popped up in minds of many Saudis.

The young and compassionate man holds a degree in law. He is a graduate of the King Saud University located in Riyadh. He has married to a single woman who has blessed him with 2 sons and 2 daughters. Mohammad Bin Salman has a great personality and aura. He is an influential person who tends to dominate. Many believe that he has the potential to make a difference. His social and economic policies are rational. He is a youth-choice: the young citizens of Saudi Arabia are hopeful that Mohammad is the person who can bring prosperity.

Mohammad was also the defense minister. He has been serving the Saudi military activities in Yemen. In 2014 Houthi rebels took over the capital of Yemen named as Sana’a. Saudi Arabia designated its army there to support the government of Yemen. Mohammad supervises the very operation. That’s not it; the newly crowned Saudi prince is a chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs. He is officially designated to overlook the activities of Aramco, which is a vital national oil company.

Bloomberg Businessweek disclosed that Mohammad is prone to work 16 hours as day as a prince. The young man claims that writers like Winston Churchill Sun Tzu are his source of inspiration. Both writers wrote during the British war. He is different from others. Where many officials tend not to disclose facts and plans, Mohammad is always open. He has in many interviews briefed about his plans about Saudi economy.  He remains calm during the press conference: in 50 minutes, long press conference he answered to the questions raised by local and international journalists.[irp]

In 2016, Mohammad bin Salman claimed that he would be remembered and recalled in future, but no one believed that his words would come true so soon! Mohammad bin Salman indeed has a charisma: the people love him and he is praised by all. We hope that he would come up to our expectations!

Source: Gulf News

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