We have boycotted Qatar, not Qataris. They are our brothers

Qatar was involved in terrorist acts: We know that Saudi Arabia along with 5 other countries terminated all relations with Qatar in 2017. The boycott with Qatar by Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States was not because we hate our Qatari brothers and sisters. They are part of our region and close to our hearts.

Yet the main and only reason behind ending the diplomatic ties with Qatar was it is supporting the terrorist activities and other oppressive practices. Qatar has been found guilty of being involved in activities that were a significant threat to The Gulf and states and those that are extending towards Egypt and Libya.

Qatari people are our brothers: What saddens us the most is that some people are spreading that the Qatar boycott is to starve the Qataris or to end it in a disaster. These people are misleading others and creating hatred among nations.

Let me tell you that the whole Qatar crises are caused by the Qatarized people who are not Qataris.  Qataris are our brothers. To understand this, we need to know what is meant by Qatarized?  Recommended: Why Saudi Arabia along with 5 countries cut down relations with Qatar?

3580 We have boycotted Qatar, not Qataris. They are our brothers.

What is meant by Qatarized? If you are thinking of those who belong to another nation and have been able to obtain a Qatari nationality, well no! The people who get nationality of another country tend to enhance the culture and help boost the economy. Many people belonging to different fields have settled into the Gulf States and have revitalized their new states!

Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud, who was the former Qatari Mufti belonged to Najd, a desert. Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud possessed great and exceptional knowledge. He also pointed out to the phenomenon on Qatarized and declared that if we go through those 59 names that have been listed as a terrorist by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt, we will be able to understand what is meant by Qatarized!

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: As I said, the new Nationals are not harmful to their new country, yet the Qatari policies helped up to bring people who had subversive characteristics. These people were harmful to Qatar itself and the surrounding nations.

The most prominent example being Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: He is the most prominent Qatarized person. His speeches encouraged violence and aimed at creating distress among Arab countries. He could cause chaos in Egypt by putting forward destructive ideas. Recommended: SR 3 million fine, 5 Years Jail for any online comment or status in favor of Qatar

3580 We have boycotted Qatar, not Qataris. They are our brothers 01

Why would a Qatari brother think badly of his Arab brothers? A Qatari can never think of doing so!  Yet a Qatarized person can surely do so.  Can it be done by Qatarized persons? Of course, and we have witnessed several such examples. The Qatarized people are those subversive individuals who are not Qataris.

They are unpatriotic people who want to spread violence and terrorism. They want to demolish the cultures and values of Qatar. They ought to make Doha their control area from where they can organize their extremist activities. They want to demolish countries and get a political charge of Doha, a destiny place of their operation management!

3580 We have boycotted Qatar, not Qataris. They are our brothers 03

The Qatar boycott was indeed necessary: There are not only people who aim at violent activities yet there are institutions as well as media platforms that are Qatarized. They aim at supporting hostile activities and destructions. Such Qatarized institutions include universities and intellects in Doha spreading Qatarized ideology. 

They are there to support violence and terrorist activities. They have shot out because of Qatar’s policies.  Qatarization stemmed because of the will of political leaders. The leaders themselves invested in it.

They have themselves created organizations and campaigns that aimed at terrorism. The activities were to see chaos and blood around! The Qatar boycott was indeed necessary. And believe me, our Qatari brothers and sisters it is for your benefit as well!

Source: Al Arabiya