How to update Iqama in NCB (Alahli) online?

Now there is no need to visit the bank branch as you can update iqama in NCB online using AlAhli internet banking as well as ATM machine. It also means that your account will not be frozen anymore as the activation is always on your fingertips.

People can use the service which will allow updating their Iqama expiry date comfortably by using NCB ATM or AlAhli internet banking without going to the branch. This electronic service can be used from anywhere and at any time for renewing Iqama expiry date.

Furthermore, the customer services and notifications about Iqama expiry will be displayed on the screen after logging into AlAhli Online or AlAhli Mobile. In case you have a bank account in Al Rajhi bank, you can use the following procedure to update this detail. Recommended: How to update Iqama in Al Rajhi bank online?

How to update Iqama in NCB (Alahli) online?

The first thing you need to have is an active NCB or AlAhli Bank account with internet banking access. The internet banking facility of NCB offers many features on your fingertips due to which I strongly recommend you to get its access. If you already have this account, you need to log in to your NCB or AlAhli bank account.

After logging into your NCB or AlAhli bank account, you need to click on the “Profile Settings” among the options given in the left column. After this click, you will be given an option to update Iqama in NCB (Alahli) using Online Banking.

In the next step, look for the “My Information” tab among the options given on the left column. After clicking on this option, you would be shown your Iqama Expiry Date in the Gregorian calendar as well as the Hijri calendar. 

3541 Update Iqama Expiry Date using NCB online banking without visiting their branch 01

If your Iqama is about to expire in the near future, you would be given an option to update the iqama using NCB (AlAhli) online banking.  After finishing the information, click on confirm and complete. No need to visit the branch and do any further action.

You cannot Update Iqama in NCB (AlAhli) Online Banking if your iqama expiry date has already passed and you did not use the option mentioned above during your iqama validity.

In this case, the following message would be appearing on your computer screen which explicitly states that you need to visit an NCB branch to update details of Iqama.

3541 Update Iqama Expiry Date using NCB online banking without visiting their branch 02

How to update iqama in NCB ATM machine?

It is important to mention here that NCB offers a facility to update the Iqama expiry date of your account using NCB (AlAhli) ATM machine as well. In case you don't have access to internet banking, you can use that option instead of visiting the branch.