Update Iqama Expiry Date using NCB online banking without visiting their branch

Now Saudi Nationals and residents both can update Iqama expiry date without going to the branch or service center. They can update from home with a single touch by using AlAhli Electronic Channels. They can use the service which will allow updating their Iqama expiry date comfortably by using AlAhli Online or AlAhli Mobile without going to the branch. This electronic service can be used from anywhere and at any time for renewing Iqama expiry date. Furthermore, the customer services and notifications about Iqama expiration will be displayed on the screen after logging into AlAhli Online or AlAhli Mobile.[irp]

First, you need to register yourself with NCB online/ AlAhli Online to use this updating service.

NCB account holder and Quick pay account holders can update their Iqama expiry date.

Complete the Iqama renewal at the concerned government entity.

After registration, Log in to ALAHLI ONLINE.

Click on profile settings.

Then go to My Information in profile settings.

After that click on Update Iqama Expiry, information will be displayed on the screen. There you can put your new Hijri expiry date (converter can be used to convert date).

After finishing the information, click on confirm and complete.

No need to visit the branch and do any further action.

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