Top 8 Special Military Forces all around the World

Every country needs a military force to defend itself. A strong force means that the country is less vulnerable from outer forces. An elite force is a term used by special military forces. The elite forces are equipped with the best training. The Special Forces emerged during the Second World War.  The elite forces are designed to conduct organized and well equipped military actions. The military elite forces refer to those Elite Special Forces that are best-trained by their respective country. They are one of their own kinds. They are fearless to enter the danger zones.  They undergo strategic planning to wipe out the potential threats. They are known for undergoing dangerous rescue operations.

They have set high standards which are hard to meet because of rigorous and tireless training sessions. It is their training and potential exercises that make them Special and fearless. The countries around the world depend on these elite Forces for essential tasks that are difficult to be done by others. The strength and effectiveness of these forces are a source of pride for nations and the reason they can boast upon!  It is extremely tough to rank them; all of them have their own specialties. 

8.Pakistan Elite Force – Special Service Group (SSGA): 36-mile march in 12 hours and a 5-mile run in 50 minutes in full gear is the reported training of the Black Storks. The Special Services Group’s (SSG) commandoes are famously known as Black Storks. In 2009 the Taliban took hostage of 40 people by attacking the army's headquarters. The SSG commandoes rescued the hostages after a successful operation against Taliban militants.

7.Spain's Unidad de Operaciones Especiales: The Spain’s Naval Special Warfare Force was first established in 1952 as a volunteer Amphibious Climbing Company. Since 2009 it has the honor of being the Europe's most respectful elite military force.[irp]

6.Russia's Alpha Group: The world’s most popular special force group is the Russia's Alpha Group.  It was established by KGB as an elite unit catering for terrorism is 1974. However, the special force is widely criticized for the death of 120 hostages in Moscow Hostage crisis that took place in 2002.[irp]

5.France's National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN): One of the world’s most competitive groups is France's National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN). It is providing services to counter terrorism. The GIGN is trained effectively to tackle hostage situations. It is a group of 200 strong and trained personals. Since 1973, it has been able to rescue more than 600 hostages. However, as per their nation’s law, they do not show their face in any publication.[irp]

4.Israel's Sayeret Matkal: Israel's Sayeret Matkal is indeed one of the most renowned elite units around the world. It is Operating and performing crackdown against enemies. However, the basic purpose of Sayeret Matkal is intelligence gathering. Only strongest and fittest of all get to be a part of it. They undergo training which is vigilantly monitored by doctors and psychologists.[irp]

3.The British Special Air Service: The British Special Air Service is abbreviated as the SAS.  The service is the infantry counterpart to the Special Boat Service. They had a great role in Iraq War which was praised by US Gen. Stanley McChrystal in the following words: “Essential. Could not have done it without them.”[irp]

2.The UK equivalent of the Navy SEALs: The Special Boat Service of the UK which is equivalent of the Navy SEALs. Only those get selected for it for pass the grueling endurance test and undergo successful training in the rain forests of Belize. They also have to experience the combat survival training.[irp]

1.The US Navy SEALs: The Us Navy SEALs is ranked the top elite force of the world. The operators of the Sea-Air-Land have to be trained for years!

Source: Business Insider

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