Top 10 Most Expensive Flight Tickets in the World

10-New York to Singapore – Singapore Airlines –  $ 14000 / SAR 52,527: For this staggering amount, passengers can travel from JFK airport via Singapore Airline’s brand new first class suites. These are fitted with sliding cabin doors which convert the seats into private rooms, complete with a bed, dining table and 23-inch entertainment screen.[irp]

9-Los Angeles to Melbourne – Qantas – $ 15000 / SAR 56,278: For first class passengers traveling from LAX to Melbourne, the luxury will start right from the airport, where the airlines brand new International Business Lounge offers the passengers leather seats and an open fireplace. On board, the passengers are welcomed by their personal 6-foot beds which are fitted with luxurious sheepskin mattresses.[irp]

8-Los Angeles to Tokyo –Japan Airlines – $16,100 / SAR 60,405 (A ROUND TRIP): Passengers can now get their hands on the first-class suites of Japan Airlines, which are partitioned with a leather upholstery, and each compartment is fitted with reclining beds, concealed storage, wide range of dishes from a la carte menu and 23 inches’ flat screen entertainment system.

7-New York to Singapore – Virgin Atlantic – $ 21000 / SAR 78,761: With unique matte black booths, the upper class of the Virgin Atlantic lives rightfully up to its name. Each passenger gets a fully reclining seat/bed in addition to a private entertainment system. This flight is common amongst the business men and women who use the modern technology to hold meetings in flight.[irp]

6-New York to Singapore – Swiss Air – $ 22265 / SAR 83,500 (A ROUND TRIP): The flight includes a stopover in Zurich international airport, but is nothing short of luxury. Each passenger receives bespoke high street toiletry packs from International brands, in addition to receiving a full-sized mattress bed.

5-Hong Kong to New York – Cathay Pacific – $ 26572 / SAR 99,647 (A ROUND TRIP): This 14-hour flight between Hong Kong and JFK Airport aboard the Boeing 777-300ER, has the passengers provided with a roomy cabin in which they can enjoy their beds along with their flat screen entertainment systems.[irp]

4-New York to Beijing – Korean Air – $ 27000 / SAR 101,250: Korean Air’s First Class Kosmo Sleeper Seats are as high tech and fancy as they sound. The seat beds boast 100 percent decline which is controlled by a touchpad and the partitioning converts the seats into private cabins filled with pure luxury.

3-San Francisco to Abu Dhabi – Etihad Airways – $28100 / SAR 105,375 (ROUND TRIP): Passengers going to the capital of the UAE should start off the luxurious journey by travelling by the flagship carrier of the nation Etihad Airways, which offer their first-class passenger private suites which are fitted with 23 inches’ personal entertainment system.[irp]

2-Los Angeles to Dubai – Emirates – $ 30,000 / SAR 112,500: This direct 16 hours’ flight is one of the most expensive plane tickets in the world. This is usually frequented by A-listers, models, VIP businessmen as well as politicians. The price is worth it though as the experience is nothing short of legendary.[irp]

1-New York to Hong Kong – Lufthansa – $ 43,535 / SAR 163,256 (ROUND TRIP): So what does this exuberant amount of money get you? Well, the flagship airline of Germany provides travelers within flight air humidifiers, bespoke toiletry kits, bed and seat set up and Michelin star culinary experience.