This is our Oil, not yours, why do you expect so much from us?

Saudi Arabia was an underdeveloped country 100 years ago

Less than hundred years from now, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States were underdeveloped countries who were ignored by the developed states. As many states had paved their way to development and introduced technologies in various sectors, we were nowhere near development!

Were other countries had set up a modern outlook of their cities, camels and their owners would roam around the city selling dairy products in our cities. The modern and developed countries would laugh at us.  But then we found that our land is not that barren: people would think that the desert country could not grow anything except dates: less they knew that the land possessed valuable oil beneath it!

3593 This is our Oil, not yours, why do you expect so much from us 01

Other countries started to look forward towards us when we discovered oil

When the valuable oil reserves were found beneath the land, the countries started to look forward towards us. But was this right? When they were enjoying bounties of nature they would simply ignore us. They had fertile lands, they were on the way of development, they had huge assets but still did not offer us any help! 

However, when it was found that Allah Almighty had blessed the Gulf States with an abundant natural resource: oil, they asked for their share! But we were generous, we did not treat you the way you treated us. We ought that it was Gift from Allah that shall be shared.

3593 This is our Oil, not yours, why do o expect so much from us

We didn't take any revenge

We didn’t take any revenge; we opened our arms and welcomed you to take some share. We held economic and military contracts which were a great help and support to you. And despite the arrogance you showed, we kept on helping you! We showed you what true brotherhood is!

We did not open our treasure towards you because you were worthy of it, but we do because it is our duty: Our duty to share the blessing of Allah. But you know what it is also our duty to protect our natural resource from wastage.

3593 This is our Oil, not yours, why do you expect so much from us 02

We are not responsible for your poor condition

Let me remind you, this is our Oil, not yours, why do you expect so much from us? We are not the reason for poor conditions in your country, it is your politicians.

They stole your assets and then you blame us? Look at your leaders and ask them what they have done?  Your leaders had made your nations insecure and poor which had led to brain-drain!

Unleash the history and you will find that it is not the Gulf States that are to be blamed for your poor conditions. It is your corrupt leaders and their selfish policies. We are kind and helpful, yet if you’ll be bad with us, we will get worse with you!

Source: Saudi Gazette