This is how the life of Shumaisi Detention Centers looks like from inside

These days, illegal residents in the Kingdom are quiet in news. With the initial of 3 months, long amnesty time offered under a campaign “a nation without violators”, people are aware that soon a crackdown will begin against illegal expats living in the Kingdom. The crackdown will be against those not availing the once in a lifetime opportunity and leaving on their own. Yet one does think that where these illegal foreigners would be kept until they are deported? In which conditions, shall they be kept? Will they be treated badly? Will there be human rights violation?[irp]

Worry not; Shumaisi Detention center is equipped to entertain 32,000 law violators. The detention center has been built along Jeddah-Makkah Expressway at an area of 2.5 million square meters. The information has been disclosed by the officer who oversees the center: Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Al-Hamzi. The detention center will be having those who had violated residency laws and labor regulations. The inmates shall be detained here until the legal process for deporting these undocumented expats will be completed. Then they shall be deported to their nations. Until then, they shall be treated as guests. Their health, food and medical requirements shall be met at government expense. They shall be deported on the government expense as well.

Not only the detention center is prepared to provide healthcare and food yet it is equipped to provide legal assistance. Foreign consultancy offices have been established for this purpose.  The center which is under the supervision of finance ministry has catered for a hospital, a bakery and a kitchen. The kitchen is extended over an area of 13,200 sq. meters. It has the ability to serve 150,000 hot and cold meals daily. Inmates can enjoy juices, water, different types of fruits and a variety of meals.

It has an amazing laundry which can wash 13 tons of clothes per hour. The detainees neither have to wash their clothes nor iron them. The washed clothes shall be given to them after being ironed. They don’t have to worry about dirty bed sheets, pillows or blankets as they shall be cleaned daily. Keeping in view health problems a hospital equipped with 50 beds has been built and a shelter home as wide as 440,000 sq. meters. An isolation unit will be there to isolate people suffering from communicable diseases. The isolation centers are separate for males and females. All inmates shall be admitted in detained center after a medical test.

 A lounge has been set apart as a waiting area. Those residents whose paperwork has completed can wait there. They shall be taken to the King Abdulaziz International Airport through buses for deporting them. The computer systems of centers shall record all information of the inmates. The biometric procedure shall be followed for all deportees. After going through biometric they shall be handed down to their nation.  As there is always a complaint of loss of belonging, a cloakroom is established to set aside inmate’s belongings.[irp]

Conflicts among different nationals are expected to occur. The detainees will be held in separate centers which are grouped based on their nationalities. Four Groups have been established: Arab nations, Asians, Africans and problem causing inmates. Thereby, inmates will be provided with the best healthcare, food, legal processing and other vital facilities! All of this would be provided without a charge under government expense. Surely the best way to give them a farewell!

Source: Saudi Gazette