This is how my 2 Years Old son was killed by Terrorists in front of my eyes

Al Dagher, a two years old Saudi national was shot dead while he was traveling with his family from Ahsa to Qatif. The years old toddler was murdered by the terrorists in the Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. According to the father, the family was traveling from Ahsa to Qatif when he took a wrong turn and lost his way. They reached a site where Jawad was killed. It was his wrong turn that let him lose his boy forever!   The father, namely Moayyad Al Dagher, reported that he, his wife and their four children left the town of Qadih and lost their way. They reached a dark site when they suddenly heard the exchange of gunshots. The father says they were leaving the area to reach the correct location when they heard gunshots. The fear struck: were the four children on the back seat fine? Did the bullet harm anyone at the back?[irp]

The fears of Moayyad Al Dagher were confirmed when he saw that Little Jawad’s head was injured by a bullet! He was bleeding badly: the back seat got covered with his blood! Jawad’s pregnant mother could not withstand the terrible sight and fainted right away. Jawad’s father claimed it as a horrible incident.  He then made attempts to save the precious life, yet all attempts failed. The young soul died in front of them and they were helpless. Jawad’s tragic death left each of the family members in a great trauma.  The news is tragic and family has suffered a great loss. Yet the question is who fired the gunshots and why? According to the police spokesperson, armed attackers were firing gunshots at company workers who were carrying out a development project in Qatif. However, the travelers and bystanders were also targeted.  The attackers also targeted the company’s machines, used explosive objects to hinder development. The development project covered demolishment of houses, construction of a shopping Centre, restaurants, residential towers and a cultural Centre.

 The police spokesperson informed that those abandoned houses were being demolished in Masoura district and the terrorists aimed at disrupting the progress.  These abandoned houses were the secret hideouts of the terrorists. The criminal activities such as murders, kidnappings, armed robbery, and trafficking in drugs, alcohol, and weapons were being carried out through these dens.

When the security was informed about the terrorists’ attack, they reached there. However, these terrorists started an indiscriminate firing. The heavy firing took away lives of a Saudi national Jawad who was only 2 years old and a Pakistani national. The police confirm that a total of ten people have been injured because of gunshots by the terrorist. These 10 people include 6 Saudi nationals, two Pakistanis, 1 Sudanese and one Indian.   Among 6 Saudi nationals, one is a female and two are her children. The Indian victim is reported to be in critical condition. The four security personnel have also been slightly injured.”[irp]

The Interior Ministry has briefed that the project would be completed soon and has requested people to stay away from the project’s site as it is unsafe for now! We pray for Jawad’s family and we hope none would go through such a tragedy. Hope that no such incident takes place in the kingdom and the world! Stay safe people!

Source: Gulf News

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