SR 500 fine if somebody caught placing brochure in a residential building

Laws and rules are made for the betterment of the people. When a country passes a law and puts into action, it is for the safety and prosperity of the citizens. Rules are not made in a single day or in a moment. A complete work is done before putting it forward. For instance, if any law is to be passed, the lawmakers ponder upon its benefits and losses. If benefits are necessarily required by the society, only then a law is passed. These days there is a buzz of the law passed by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. The law that has been put into statement is that no organization can promote their product or service by placing brochures.[irp]

According to Mr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh who is the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, a ban has been imposed upon the distribution of brochures meant for marketing, promotional and advertisement purposes. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh confirmed that all the municipalities, as well as mayoralties among Saudi Arabia, have been notified about the matter.  Thereby, from now onwards no one can drop a brochure at the residential buildings. As per direction from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, a ban has been imposed on the placement of brochures at doorsteps of houses and distribution at public places.

To make sure that everyone abides by the law, a penalty has been specified for the law violators. Accordingly, anybody found placing a brochure at residential buildings and public places shall be facing a fine more than SR 500. This fine is levied for violating municipal rules. The reason the law is enacted is that brochures are a source of environmental pollution. They cause unhygienic environment. This has been announced by the Saudi press agency itself. Thereby to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment, it was necessary to take this step.

Mr. Abdullatif Al Sheikh, also directed that strict measures shall be taken against law violators. Anyone undergoing this violation either as individuals, companies, commercial organizations, shops (retail or wholesale) shall face harsh penalties. Not only a ban has been imposed on placing brochures at public places and at doorsteps of residential areas, but also the sticking bills are banned. All organization and individual are now prohibited from sticking bills that have a promotional purpose for their good or service at a public place.[irp]

So, beware and don’t use brochures and sticking bills for the promotion of a good or service. If the authorities find a brochure, they shall impose penalties linked to the Identity Card of Saudi nationals and Iqama of expats. The number given on the brochure shall be tracked down for the very purpose.    We hope that everyone would abide by the law and we will not be hearing news of penalties imposed on law violators! There are other ways of promotion, go for those!

Source: Saudi Gazette