SR 300/Day compensation if affected by natural disaster (Flood) in Saudi Arabia

A report is published regarding the recent amendments made in the Immediate Rescue Draft in a famous Daily Saudi newspaper. The changes made into the Immediate Rescue Draft were approved by the crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Naif. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif holds the position of first deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also working as the chairman of the new Council for Political and Security Affairs in the Kingdom. The Immediate Rescue Draft is a draft which is designed and formulated for the affected families who suffer from some sort of natural disaster or any other similar crises. Immediate Rescue Draft states that those families who faced some crises and catastrophe should be entitled to the compensatory amount granted by the Saudi government.[irp]

It is also for families who had to evacuate their homes due to natural calamity or some other adversity. Natural disasters or crises include demolition work, floods, storms, earthquakes, sudden fire attacks or short circuit. Affected families who had experienced such tragic misfortunate are entitled to getting a compensation amount of about SR300 per day. The modifications made in the Immediate Rescue Draft are positive and a healthy step for the rehabilitation of such affected families.

Families which constitute more than two members will get a compensatory amount of about SR 50 per person which is actually extra amount for five days. Compensation may be financially or physically. Compensation includes relocation to any furnished apartment or temporary and permanent housing centers which might be a hotel, lounge, school or field court. For a longer time period, a family who has less than ten members will be granted with a compensation amount of about SR 60,000 per year.

However, if a family is relatively bigger and consists of more than ten members, the family will get compensation amount of about SR 70,000 annually. Though, all the payments will be made in two installments. Families will also be able to avail food baskets which would contain ten basic food items. Items include flour, sugar, beans, dates, rice, vegetable oil, tea, salt, dry milk, and water. Families who have five members or less will receive one basket and families of more than five members will receive more than one basket. Therefore, a number of food baskets would be distributed by considering the family size. Families will also get three times cooked meals per day.

The Ministry of Health in Kingdom will also provide full medical care and assistance to those injured and affected people. The basic and most important job of health ministry is to provide best possible medical care facilities to every citizen in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

However, Health-care services in Kingdom are provided by various public and private agencies and all these agencies are doing their work in an efficient manner but the ministry of Health is the basic planner who actually serves as the main provider of all these health services. Dr. Tawfiq-Al-Rabiah is the current health minister of Saudi-Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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