SR 1 per Drawing – An 8 years old child sells drawings to support his family in Jeddah

This is a heartbreaking story of an eight-year-old boy who sells his sister’s handmade drawings under a bridge which is in the old area of Jeddah, Al-Balad. Al-Balad is one of the most historical areas located in the coastal city, Jeddah.

It is the historic center of the second largest City of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. AL-Balad was found in the 7th century and since 7th-century Al-Balad served as the center of Jeddah.

Every evening this 8-year old Indonesian boy, Elias, sits under a bridge in old Jeddah (Balad) and sells drawings made by his 12year old sister, just to help his needy family.

One day a social media user posted this little Indonesian boy’s photo on the social network, Instagram, with the source of hashtag which said #kidsellingdrawingfor1Riyal.

After posting on Instagram, the hashtag took the hype and started spreading like fire and became viral on the social media. A campaign then started to highlight an outpouring support for this Indonesian eight-year-old little boy.

This way, Members of the Saudi Association for Culture and Arts located in Jeddah also saw this photo posted on Instagram.

Omar-Al-Jasser, who is the director of the Saudi Association for Culture and Arts in Jeddah, stated to one of the most leading newspapers of Saudi Arabia that when they saw the photo on Instagram, they just immediately started their search for the eight-year-old child and his family. Finally, they got success in tracing him.

Omar-Al-Jasser further added that this is a very inspiring story. Elias and his talented sister needed their help. According to him, all of us are so busy in our lives that we forget that there are also such people living in our surroundings and global society who are struggling a lot to just earn on a daily basis out of something.

It is very important for us and everyone to admit that there are unable to avail the fundamental necessities of life. These kinds of people are the ones who need our help and we should try to find out such hard working people and help them.

Last week, in Jeddah, the Saudi Association for Culture and Arts honored Elias, the little boy, Yousra and their mother. The members of the association participated with great spirit and zeal along with the media representatives in this great motivational noble cause.

Elias and his family received many donations and gifts from the participants and guests. Sister of Elias, Yousra, told that she never thought of selling her artwork. It all happened because of her little brother’s request who told her to make drawings.

Yousra further said that Elias always told her to continue making more and more drawings so that he could possibly sell all of them in Al-Balad area. When she completed her drawings, he would take all of them and sell each artwork for one Saudi Riyal (SR1).

Source: Saudi Gazette

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